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Decorating Our New Office

Decorating Our New Office

AD -We have had our office finished now for a few weeks and are just finishing the final touches. Anyone who has read other posts know my hubby works from home and needed somewhere out of the house to work and to free up an upstairs room!

It took a while to be ready to decorate, as although the space was finished, we had to board up the electric meters and some pipes. Cupboards were being built over these to look better and for extra storage. One side is for books and my old scrapbooks and the other side coats and the drinks cupboard!

I absolutely love it, apart from the fact my husband has all his stuff in it and this immediately means mess! But I love my space. I have my own desk, shelves and a working area. I can escape now and then in the day to do a bit of blogging or reading and at night when the kids have gone to bed, I can go and finish off my work.

We have got rid of the cluttered shelves from our dining room and had a good sort out. This has got rid of a lot of clutter and this always makes me feel better. Our old office/spare room upstairs is now Piglet’s room and we have brought a lot of the toys from downstairs upstairs. Our lounge also looks a lot bigger now too!

I’ll write another post on the final touches to our office and my work space but thought I would show some of the colours and decor we chose for the space.

As the office is at the front of our house, this is a north facing room and obviously not as bright as our back garden. We went for a velux window to let the light in and it’s a lovely bright room in the day.

I didn’t want white walls but close enough. We went for an off white grey which you can just about see. This makes it very bright and light still.

For the carpet for the office, I thought we would have to go for a darker grey and we did. It looks lovely and really goes with the walls and my white desk. 

I’ve still got a bit more to do around my workspace. I’m making it into a rainbow theme and have some wall art to put up and a couple of other accessories. I’m looking forward to it being finished.

Keeping my hubby’s side tidy? I’m not so sure I’ll succeed at that!!