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Decking Ideas With Lights

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

When we moved into our new house we had a lovely decking area that was perfect for sitting out during the summer months. We purposely looked for a house that had a south facing garden to ensure, we would get a lot of sun during the day and it would get very warm too, for the evenings.

There were a few things we had on and around the decking that we liked and used regularly to ensure it was comfortable and looked nice too!

– Plants and flowers. My husband loves pottering around the garden (when he has time) and he likes to make the garden look lovely with different species of plants and flowers. It does look great too and this is lovely to look at on the lighter evenings.

decking idea

– Lights. There are some lovely decking ideas with lights if you search around online. Always good to have a nosey on Pinterest to see what other have done but you could have uplight or lights on decking steps to see where are you stepping! They look lovely too.

– Garden furniture. We inherited a picnic bench and table from our old house and hubby decided to paint it a light blue. It looked really lovely on the decking. It’s great to sit and have a BBQ too. We also have some garden chairs when we want to relax and sit back on an evening with a glass of wine.

– A Chimnea or fire pit. We are in the UK after all and even on the warmest days, it can get a bit chilly outside some nights. We love our Chimnea which keeps us warm and allows us to sit out a little longer. Fire can be a bit hypnotic too, so very relaxing.

– Accessories. We aren’t huge on accessories in the garden but my step-Dad loves them! He has a butterfly on the fence, fairy lights and little figures. These can make a garden area even more homely, if it’s your cup of tea!

The garden and the outside can be a place you spend a lot of your time in the summer months and maybe even when it cools down, if you have a fire and you enjoy being outside.

Its definitely worth making it as homely and aesthetic as possible!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.