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Belly Bashimi Game – REVIEW | AD

Belly Bashimi

When thing I love about having kids is having that excuse to be ridiculous. My eldest takes ridiculous to the next level and we have a lot of laughs. She has a lot of funny games she likes to play, crazy expressions and she is one of the loudest people I know. I often find it very hard to get cross with her, as I’m holding back my own giggles. It’s a lovely feeling! When we were offered a new game Belly Bashimi to review, one look at this made me know we were going to have a lot of laughs playing it.

Belly Bashimi

More About Belly Bashimi

This fun game gives you the chance become a sumo sashimi sensei. You have to scatter the sushi discs in the ring, strap on your belly and step into the ring.

One player then spins the sushi spinner to figure out which sushi disc you put your feet on. Once both your feet are in the ring, try to bounce your opponent out of the ring with your big belly and become the sumo champion. It’s the best of three and sounds like such good fun for Christmas!!!

You can play it in teams or one-on-one. It’s also fab for kids as challenge responsiveness, physical and coordination ability.

It’s aimed at kids aged 5 years and older (according to the box) and you can find it at Very and retails at £15.99.

Playing Belly Bashimi

Belly Bashimi was really straight forward to play. We quickly set up the ring.

My hubby easily blew up the bellies and we threw all the sushi pieces into the ring as instructed.

Belly Bashimi

You literally take turns with the spinner and it lands on a sushi type or the question mark, so you can choose one!

You place one of your feet on the corresponding sushi in the ring, spin again and place your other foot on the next sushi type you get!

You are then ready to Belly Bash!

Belly Bashimi

Our Thoughts

Belly Bashimi was pretty fun! I do think you need similarly matched opponents in terms of age and size, as hubby and I played with the gremlin and we were basically knocking her out of the ring pretty quickly!

My middle child was a little bit small to play as only three years old.

I imagine it will be quite a fun one to play at Christmas in families or perhaps at children’s parties.

It is really simple to set up and the rules are very straight forward. It reminded me of Twister in a way, as you had to place your feet in a specific place and it was hard at times to get balanced, to give my opponent a belly bash!

Price-wise at £15, it is quite reasonable.

Overall I think, a slightly silly game and not one for those who like to play a strategic game (!) but fun, fast and good exercise! I reckon it will be a good laugh at Christmas, especially after a couple of Christmas tipples for the grown ups!!

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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  1. November 15, 2019 / 8:44 pm

    This sounds like a really fun game! I imagine this being a lot of fun over Christmas. Silly games are the best x