Yes you DO Need a Break Without Your Kids

Yes you DO Need a Break Without Your Kids

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

The little man is now 9 months old! I struggle to believe this really but at the same time when I think how long it is since my husband an I have had a weekend away, I start to think, yes I can believe it. Hubby and I managed to get away for his last birthday, which was January time. I was around 8 months pregnant and ready to burst. We had a lovely time but I always find going away pregnant a little harder. I’m tired, don’t always fit into the clothes I would like to wear and I can’t have a nice glass of wine with my evening dinner! Bottom line, it’s not the same really, even though at the time I was grateful to get away.

But us parents need a break without their children. No matter how guilty you feel for leaving them, time as adults together is so important.

You may consider a few days at an English hotel, a City break in Amsterdam or cheap cruises from Southampton but wherever you go, the time together is is beneficial.

My husband and I often find, we don’t spend the whole weekend talking about the kids either or staring at pictures of them or watching cute videos after a skinful. We talked about the past, University experiences and future plans. It feels weird almost, to not talk about them, to be back in a place like we were before kids.

It’s a time to eat a meal without ten billion interruptions and getting up and down to get spoons, drinks or pick things up from the floor when your baby has thrown them down. We could savour the food, talk or even be silent. It doesn’t matter.

To sleep! To actually sleep without getting woken up for a feed or someone getting into bed at 2am and kicking you for a while. The funny thing is hubby and I sleep until 7am and consider that a lie in now. 9-10am is a thing of the past.

We also love being able to just chill out. Read. I may blog. Watch a show on a tablet. Sit and drink tea or go out for a walk in the local area where we are staying. I find I do actually sit still. Properly still. It’s so rare this happens day-to-day, as I chase my 9-month-old around or potter and tidy or do things for the children. It’s a time to be mindful and savour being quiet and relaxed.

We always come back feeling refreshed. Closer as a husband and wife team. We’ve always missed the kids and hit reality with a bit of a bump but that night or few days away together are so worth it!

So when you and your partner are feeling burnt out,  take a break if you can. Get away and have some time. After all, you were a couple before kids.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.