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44 Cats – A New TV Show for Kids

44 cats tv show

AD -My girls do love a bit of TV time. I mean which kids don’t really? We usually get home from the school run and both fancy a bit of chill time, snack and a bit of TV. I think it’s good for them to unwind a little and it’s good for me, as I may be ready to lose my mind without being able to drink at least one cup of hot tea in one go!! I knew they would love a new kid’s TV series called 44 Cats, as they are both cat fans too.

More About 44 Cats

44 Cats is on Nick Jnr but is now also on Freeview on Channel Pop TV.

I liked the sound of this show, as it has underlying messages about friendship, diversity and helping other people; important things for little people to learn about and want to copy. I know my girls copy a lot of what they see on TV and online.

44 Cats is about 4 Cats who have a band called the Buffycats, so there is quite a bit of music. The cats names are Lampo, Milady, Meatball and Pilou.

Each of the cats has quite a cool super power that makes the episodes pretty interesting! Milady has fur that turns pink-purple whenever someone tells a lie and Lampo’s whiskers act like a compass, guiding him to where he needs to go. The cats live with Granny Pina who feeds them pasta, to give the cats their specials powers.

The show also has some other cat characters to keep your little one entertained including a pink alien cat called, who sleeps upside down and lives on Planet Meow!


The cats have a lot of fun and banter with each other and it makes for some great TV for kids. I’m sure most children like a bit of mischief and a giggle when watching the TV. I like my girls to watch different things and as this has a good message underneath, it’s a good one.

Have you watched 44 Cats yet? if no give it a go!

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.