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How To Enjoy Valentine’s Day when Single

How To Enjoy Valentine’s Day when Single

I was brought up in a single parent family for quite a large part of my childhood. My Dad left when I was 8 and although my Mum did meet my step-Dad, he didn’t live with us all the time. It must have been so hard! As a parent now, when I am left with my three little ones when my husband is away, it can be quite lonely. Plus doing everything alone. Very tough and relentless.

I always remember my Mum saying she took us away when younger alone and she found it very hard. So many families together and the lack of adult company must have been really tough. Of course as kids, you are never really aware of that.

Valentine’s Day always feels a little bitter when you are single. I remember the days when I was younger, between relationships. You swear that everyone else is partnered up and you must be the only singleton, crying into Bridget Jones’ Dairy and a large glass of wine. But it needn’t be at all. There are ways you can enjoy Valentine’s Day when single or as a single parent.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day

– If you have children, try and do something special with them. Share the love with them. You may want to do some Valentine’s crafts or card-making or cooking together. Or if you don’t fancy yourself as a Pinterest parent, a trip for some goodies and snuggling together to watch a film will make the evening special.

– Invite friends around and have some time with them. You may want to plan a games night, film night, sport night. Whatever! Something that will make you have a good time with good friends and make the day special for you all. Good chats, good food and drink can make an evening fabulous and you don’t have to go out on a busy, expensive Valentine’s Day to have a good time.

– If you are going to be alone do something for you! Download a film. An extra special meal. A pamper night or hot bath and a book. Pick something that you love to do and just do it! You don’t always need someone else to have fun, whether it be a friend or partner.

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– If you do decide to head out with friends, do something a little different. Forget having a meal or drinks. Maybe try something active like ice-skating or book a show at the theatre or comedy club. Something that won’t blend into every other night out and will be a lovely memory.

Valentine’s Day when single does not have to be miserable or lonely. It only takes a little imagination, time with your family or friends and a positive outlook on the day.

If you are single this Valentine’s Day, have a good one!

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.