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Peppa Pig: My First Concert Is Coming! PREVIEW | AD

Peppa Pig: My First Concert Is Coming! PREVIEW | AD

I have had Peppa Pig in my life for 5 years now. It was the first show my eldest loved and I remember she used to come home from nursery and ask for it every evening. She used to get ridiculously excited. We have had all the toys, books, clothes and last summer, had our first trip to Peppa Pig World. This was fantastic. My other children have followed suit with my middle child asking for Peppa Pig Slippers as her main Christmas present this year. She was literally dancing around the kitchen when I told her we were going to see Peppa Pig: My First Concert.

I was pretty excited too! We took my eldest to the theatre to see Peppa Pig in Birmingham and she loved it! She was only two but was completely entranced for the whole show. Even my little man, at 11 months old, knows Peppa Pig and sits pouring over the books that belong to his older sister.

More About Peppa Pig: My First Concert

Peppa Pig – My First Concert is a fun and interactive introduction for children to a live orchestra. The tour starts in the UK in February and will be running to May 2020. It is specifically designed for the youngest audience members and will take Peppa Pig fans on a musical, magical journey!

Peppa Pig: my first show

Children and their families can sing and dance along with Peppa to her favourite songs and watch as Daddy Pig learns how to conduct an orchestra. They can explore all the different sounds that the many instruments make, and get a chance to enjoy familiar Peppa tunes as well as discovering some exciting orchestral pieces. The music is chosen for little ones, to capture their imagination and introduce them to a whole new world of music.

To quote from the press release:

Jane says “Orchestras are sometimes seen as inaccessible for young audiences. Breaking that down is incredibly rewarding – and playing Muddy Puddles alongside Mozart is amazing fun. The Peppa Pig audience is mostly under five, so that ‘Wow’ experience is really important. If you can reach them through a character they know and love, it’s a golden opportunity”

Peppa Pig live has been touring for 16 years now. The fabulous productions have been enjoyed by over 1.5 million in the UK alone.

The show is touring all over in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Dundee, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Brighton, Leeds, Bristol and Manchester. We of course will be heading to Birmingham in February.  You can book tickets and find out more here.

We are really excited to see Peppa Pig: My First Concert next month and keep an eye on my socials to seen what we thought!!

Disclosure – we were provided with tickets for this show in exchange for this preview blog post. All thoughts and opinions are our own!