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Top Font Sites for Crafters | AD

Top Font Sites for Crafters | AD

Most people will know I love to craft when I have time. Not long after the gremlin was born, I go into scrapbooking andI would say I pretty much was obsessed with it. I used to think scrapbooking 24/7.  I would actually dream about it and this was before I started blogging, so I had so much more time. Only one baby and no blog meant my evenings and naptimes were spent crafting, scouring the net for products and looking for design inspiration from some of my favourite scrapbookers! Now scrapbooking time is limited but I still enjoy crafting with my eldest when we have time together. I bought a Silhouette Cameo in the past, which I could download various cut files for my designs. One of the things I used to love was looking for new fonts and styles to complete my scrapbook pages. Intricate, unique and fun fonts that really suited my style. I am always on the look out for top font sites for crafters.

There are many places you can look for font designs. I often do a google search when doing my research. Here are my top 10, in no particular order, some which offer free and paid for fonts.

Top Font Sites for Crafting Projects

Font Bundles

Font Bundles offers both free fonts and paid for designs too. They have a huge amount of choice for all your crafting needs for all occasions. I love their font bundles, which give you a collection of fonts for your projects for a really good price. Font Bundles have a free font every week for you to check out and download. You can click here to see more. You need to sign up for an account and you are ready to download your free font each week.

I love big, bold fonts so love this design below!

top font sites font bundles

Font Bundles is an alternative to Dafont, which you can learn a little more about below.


As mentioned Dafont is another font site for you to download free fonts for your crafting projects. There is plenty of choice and the fonts are categorised depending on style and also depending on what your project if for. For example, a project for a specific holiday, such as Valentine’s Day. This is approaching fast and they have some lovely designs for your card, if you are making one for your loved one!

top font sites - daft

Font Space

Font Space is another site that offers both free fonts and ones you can purchase. You can easily set up and account and start downloading for your projects. I like the way you can browse easily and there is an option to look through the most popular and new font designs with ease. The fonts are also classified in styles, like calligraphy, bold and decorative, so you can easily depending on your project. You can see this on the screenshot below.

The Hungry jPeg

The Hungry jPeg is a site that offers an huge range of font designs for you to purchase. They also offer $1 deals so you can pick cheaper options if that suits you at the time. There are some really lovely ones for upcoming Valentine’s Day, perfect for cards or scrapbooking layouts. I love the cursive one below!

1001 Free Fonts

1001 free fonts is another site that offers you free font designs for your projects. The fonts are all organised alphabetically, so you can easily chose what style of font you need. This also includes holidays and occasions, such as Easter, which is approaching too! You also have the option of downloads 10,000 fonts for $19.95, so can get a very good deal here.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements brings you amazing font designs for your crafting projects. You do need to sign up and get an account to browse the website fully and be able to download various fonts. There are various packages you can purchase per month to have access to the fonts and many other creative elements. You can refine your font search by size and spacing and there are over 7000 designs.

My Fonts

My Fonts offer beautiful fonts for you to purchase for all sorts of projects and designs. Maybe for things like T-Shirt printing, as well as crafting work. It’s very easy to browse with popular and new fonts being listed, as well as styles and designs. My Fonts also offer bundles and sets of fonts for cheaper prices. Love the design below.

Creative Market

Creative Market offer a variety of photos, graphics, web themes and of course, fonts. They have a vast array for your to choose from;  you will end up down a rabbit hole when browsing. It is easy to sign up and join, then purchase any font designs you like the look of!

I loved some of the baby ones for if you were planning some new baby scrapbooking. I did a lot of this when the girls were little.

top font sites

Beck McCormick

This is a beautiful website that Beth runs and she cleverly designs fonts selling them as individuals and bundles. This site also has a blog and as well as fonts, there are also other SVG files you can buy and download for your projects too.

I really love this unicorn style font, perfect for using when crafting with my girls. They love a unicorn design! Definitely worth a place on my top font sites.

top font sites


Who can forget Etsy for being a site filled with font creators? There is a vast array of different designs for you to choose from, from so many different designers. Nice to support small businesses too. Again you will be able too find both individual fonts and bundles of designs to perhaps get a better deal.

You can see some of the designs available below.

top font sites

So there you have it. My top font sites for crafters. Just compiling this list has given me some real inspiration for some of my crafting projects and making me want to dig out the Silhouette Cameo for some scrapbooking.

Fonts really can give your designs the wow factor, so worth having a look around for some unique designs when you are crafting. So many are free as well!

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.


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    Some great info here. It is amazing how crafting quickly becomes an addiction!