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4 Tips For Planning Your Next Family Camping Trip

4 Tips For Planning Your Next Family Camping Trip

Planning a family holiday is never an easy task as you usually have a lot of people to think about. When you add a new country to the agenda, this can be even more tricky as you’ll need travel documents such as passports. This is why many families are choosing camping trips to keep things a little simpler and cost-effective, particularly if their children are still quite young.

Here, we are going to offer up some tips to help you plan your next family camping trip. Keep reading if this is something which you are thinking about trying out.

1# When To Go

The first tip that we have for those planning a family camping trip is to plan the dates that you are going to go. If you are taking kids with you then you will need to plan this trip for school holidays or a weekend. This could be in the summer or even at Easter or October break. Make sure that everyone is available to go on these dates and don’t forget to check with the campsite. If you are intending to rent a campervan for your family holiday and are on a budget, consider going during the low season. According to Amy Wright from most campervan rental companies offer lower weekly during low seasons, example plan to go in September instead of July 

2# Getting There

If you plan to take your family camping on a regular basis you might decide to invest in a second hand minibus, which can give you a lot more space to work with. Of course, that does mean you will need minibus insurance, but fortunately it’s quite easy to compare minibus insurance quotes so make sure to have a look online. 

3# All Of The Essentials

No family camping trip is going to go successfully if you don’t have all of the essentials with you. This will include everything from the tents that you are going to sleep in, to the food that you’ll bring and any safety equipment. This might be something that you will want to plan in advance, otherwise, you might run out of time to get everything. When planning your next family camping trip, make sure to consider the camping essentials, including awning for car, to ensure you have plenty of shelter. 

4# Plan some Activities

Our final tip for those who ware planning a family camping trip is to plan for some activities. Camping isn’t always the most exciting kind of holiday but if you keep it entertaining, your family will have a great time. You might want to look at some activities that are happening nearby or consider doing something like handline fishing or canoeing. The activities that you choose will depend on what your family enjoys. 

Final Verdict

If you are planning a family camping trip in 2020 then you should make sure to take on board the advice that we have given you in this article. Think about when the best time to go is and don’t forget to consider the weather when deciding on this. You should also make sure that you can get everyone there in a cost-effective way so a minibus might work best for this.

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