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Frozen 2 Games Charades and Shuffle Fun – REVIEW and GIVEAWAY | AD

Frozen 2 Games Charades and Shuffle Fun – REVIEW and GIVEAWAY | AD

My girls love Frozen 2. Both saw it twice at the cinema and we are obsessed with the soundtrack. In fact my little man listens to the music when he has his afternoon nap. It’s brilliant, as it totally settles him. The film is just magical and of course the girls love anything Frozen 2 related. We were asked to review some Frozen 2 games, including Frozen 2 charades and Shuffle Fun 4-1.

The girls started playing Charades this New Year’s Eve so were really excited to try out a Frozen 2 version. Of course this is also perfect right now when we are going to be stuck in for a long time! Hope you are coping ok!

More About The Frozen 2 Games

Frozen 2 Charades

frozen 2 games - charades

Frozen 2 games

Frozen 2 Charades is aimed at children aged 4 years and over. It RRPs at £19.99.

This Frozen 2 game is perfect for fans of the new movie as Elsa even plays her own game of charades in the film. It’s aimed at 2-4 players and you choose your favourite character and race around the board, winning steps as you perform and guess the charade before the timer runs out! There are lots of objects and actions to put everyone’s acting skills to the test with picture icons for the younger players. There’s even more fun If you land on the “flip” icon as all players must perform a charade.

Frozen 2 Shuffle Fun 4-1

Frozen 2 Shuffle Fun is aimed at children aged 4 years and over and RRPs at £5.

Frozen 2 games - 4 in 1 card games

Four times the games and four times the fun! Perfect for travel and family nights in, gather round and alternate between cult classics Happy Families, Pairs and Snap. You can also try out Action Game, where the aim is to get rid of all your cards first by playing the same colour, number or character as the card on the top of the pile.

Each pack comes with 38 FSC approved playing cards featuring your favourite Disney Frozen II characters.

Our Thoughts on the Games

We played Frozen 2 charades one Sunday afternoon when my baby boy was napping. My 3 year old wanted to get involved but I would definitely say she was a little too young but still enjoyed watching!

girl playing frozen 2 games

The game is reasonably simple. The youngest goes first and rolls the dice, getting a number. They then pick up a card and act out the corresponding word next to the number they rolled. For those who can’t read they act out the picture. My middley didn’t really get this, so will have another go with her when she’s older or see if she can pick it up from her sister in time!

There is a time limit and you move along the board depending on if you guess right or not! There are some tricks along the way, like being asked to move backwards and flipping turns for doing the charades and guessing.

We enjoyed the game. In particular, my girls loved the little characters to play with, as they are very cute!

frozen 2 games - Anna

It’s a lovely game to help with reading, thinking and being creative. Also for counting! Of course being Frozen 2 themed is a total bonus. I’d definitely recommend for 4 years and up as it suggests, as my 3 year old struggled at first! It did need a little explaining to my eldest but she got it pretty well.

Thumbs up!

We had a play with the Frozen 2 Shuffle fun cards but only played 2 of the games suggested – snap and matching pairs. The pack comes with instructions and you can go online for video instructions.

I was a little confused at first as there aren’t two cards that actually match but it works on colours instead!

My girls love a game of snap and pairs and these are the sorts of things I used to play when I was little too! These were easy to play and I reckon are perfect for a little game when you gave the odd 10 minutes or perhaps in the car or travelling!

These Frozen 2 games are perfect for Frozen 2 fans. They make you think a little, are fun and right now, we need all we can get to entertain the kids!

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Good Luck!!

Disclosure – we were provided with these games in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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