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My Toddler Boy is So Different to his Toddler Sisters

My Toddler Boy is So Different to his Toddler Sisters

I realise I haven’t written many milestone posts for my baby boy, or should I say toddling boy now? I think as he is my third child and we are in the middle of a pandemic, priorities change, don’t they? My little boy is thriving right now. He is starting to toddle, babble, grow (!) and is really inquisitive. He has a lovely relationship with his older sisters and has hit the point where he wants to go off and play near them, when they are having some play time. This obviously a huge help to me! However, the older he gets, the more amazed at how my boy is so different to his sisters at their age.

I’ve written before about I thought baby boys are so different to baby girls. I often think it is a tricky subject to write about nowadays, as equality and gender neutrality are important and hot topics of discussion. However,  in my mind I firmly believe there are some traits in boys and girls that are down to nature and people can argue all they like, when you experience and see it, you know it. Plus we have had three children; two girls and a boy and have raised them the same way and we can still see the differences between the sexes.

My Toddler Boy is so Different

I know these are subjective of course and some will argue the opposite of their children but these are the huge differences between my toddler boy compared to his toddler sisters, at his age:

– He is so bold and just has no fear at all! He watched his sisters on the slide and immediately learnt to pick up how to climb up the steps and the slide itself and he was quite happy to slide down, with no assistance. Both my girls needed a lot of support and patience to get confident with the slide.

– He climbs everywhere! I have come in the room to find him sat on the kitchen table eating an apple. If he can climb, he will climb and we never had this with the girls. Little monkey!

– He is into everything that we are. If the girls are drawing, he’s clambering to grab the pens. If the girls start a game, he’s in on the action and this is more pronounced than his sisters.

– He is so practical and inquisitive. What I have been astounded with is how good he is with his hands and he picks up how to work things so quickly. Toys, games, everything. He watches us or his sisters and he’s figured something out. He loves shape sorters and anything technical. The girls were not like this at all. Sometimes I don’t think they were even as bothered! My eldest was so into dolls and babies so soon!

– He’s very loving. My eldest at 14 months, wouldn’t come near me when I came home from work when I went back after maternity leave. She was very funny with me and wanted her Dad but we have not seen this with the little man at all! He’s very cuddly and me being at work hasn’t affected him yet.

– He is HUGE! My eldest was quite a big baby but the little man is something else. I wonder if it’s the tall genes in our family or just being a boy makes him that big bigger!

I’m loving having my little man. I used to be a little scared about having a boy after having two girls. What to expect? Would it be different? It is different and it has been different!

I’m just excited to watch him grown and change and see if those differences continue!

toddler boy so different