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I Dig Monsters! REVIEW and GIVEAWAY | AD

girls holding popsicles from I Dig Monsters

My girls are huge fan of surprise toys. I’m sure I say this with every review but it is true! Most kids are nowadays. Anything which is a surprise, blind bags or a toy which needs revealing, my girls are well in. I do think you pay for that experience and that surprise element! When we were kindly sent some I Dig Monsters! to review, I knew they would be really keen.

2 packets of I dig monsters

More About I Dig Monsters!

I Dig Monsters! are from Moose Toys.

They are aimed at children aged 5 years and over. My middley is almost 4 and did take part in the review but she was fully supervised. They retail at £9.99 and are available now at place like The Entertainer and Smyths Toys.

You open up your toy to find an ice-cream shaped package (definitely don’t eat it!). These come in varying colours. You then find toys to dig your monster out – an adorable Monji Monster! These change colour in cold water too.

You also get some shapes and cutters to play with the left over popsicle! There are 28 different styles of Monji to collect.

Trying Out the I Dig Monsters!

The weather was amazing so we decided to head out for a walk and take a blanket, whilst testing out the I Dig Monsters. Of course we made sure we took all of it home!

The girls unwrapped their packs and were left with a pretty big popsicle with a plastic covering. You then open the bottom of it and out pops your popsicle! This is really smooth and slippery! You kind of want to squeeze it (well I did!) There is a bit of water that comes out of the bottom so have a towel or a blanket, like I did.

open popsicle

You also have two tools ready to help find your Monji! They come out of where you would normally find your popsicle stick.

tools from I dig monsters

You are then ready to find your Monji! This part is pretty fun and my 3 year old could have good go at this. You use the tools to slice and peel the popsicle apart. This is really satisfying but the girls wouldn’t let me do it.

girls slicing the popsicle of I dig monster

After a while you can pull the popsicle apart to find a bag with your Monji Monster in.

I think the girls could have peeled and spent a bit more time getting their Monji out but they were pretty excited to reveal it.

As well as the bag containing the Monji Monster, there is also some cutters for you to play with the Popsicle afterwards. This is fun as you can make shapes and still use it after use.

Our Thoughts

The girls loved these. I was actually surprised though, as they seemed to prefer the Monji Monsters, more than digging them out. This is usually the other way around. My 3 year old loves hers and played with it on and off all day and even took it to the bath with her.

I enjoyed watching them dig out their Monji Monsters but I would advise spending a bit of time doing it. Enjoy the slicing and peeling, as it is quite satisfying. The girls whizzed through this but sometimes kids are just desperate to get the end prize!

The Popsicle is very smooth and slippery and fun to handle and I like how you can play with it afterwards with the cutting tools.

Price-wise I think it is pretty competitive with other products on the market for the experience and the toy. I do have to say, as I have done with other products, it does come with quite a bit of plastic. You can keep the popsicle case to play with but some kids may not, so bear that in mind.

My girls loved the Monji Monsters afterwards, so I was glad. It wasn’t just something they got bored of immediately.

I’m sure many kids would love one of these as a birthday gift or Christmas present. Good if you are wanting to buy something new and exciting for someone.

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Good Luck!

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Disclosure we were provided with these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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