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VIP Pets – Fashionable Dogs With REALLY Long Hair – REVIEW | AD

VIP Pets – Fashionable Dogs With REALLY Long Hair – REVIEW | AD

It feels like ages since my girls have reviewed a really good surprise toy! I think all children love something they can unbox and reveal. Not knowing what you are going to get always makes for such fun. We were recently asked to review a new toy from IMC Toys, VIP Pets and I knew both my girls would be hooked! I was excited as had seen pictures of these before and quite fancied the VIP Pets Rainbow Hair variety! It looked amazing; so bright and vibrant.

It’s also strange to thing that when they go back to school it will be September and despite all the crazy circumstances we have been in this year, there will be that count down to Christmas starting! Writing Christmas lists and deciding what toys will be on there. Always good to start thinking early eh?

VIP Pets container

More About VIP Pets

VIP Pets are aimed at children aged 3 years and over and retail at £17.99. You can find them at Smyth’s Toys and on Amazon.

The VIP Pets are fashionable dogs with super long hair! I knew my girls would love this, as very Rupunzel-like! There are 6 different characters with different personalities and hobbies that you can collect.

The VIP Pets do have a real love for their hair and they like to wear their hair in different styles. You have to clean the hair to discover your VIP Pet’s unique style. Using the accessories included, you will be able to create the coolest hairstyle for every occasion.

I was excited to test them out and see what hair styles we could create! I’m usually rubbish at doing hair so this was my moment too!

VIP Pets Instructions

The girls were pretty excited, as I’d promised the girls an afternoon of toys, so they couldn’t wait. Once we’d got their baby brother out of the way; Mr “trash it all”, we could get started revealing the VIP Pets.

The instructions with the VIP Pets were quite limited but we could follow them. The girls both unwrapped their VIP Pets and we were left with clear containers and you could see the dogs inside waiting to have their hair revealed. You then needed to take the lid off and the bottom and now were ready to wet the VIP Pets as instructed.

VIP Pets with visible dog

Inside the bottom of the container is a blind bag with some surprises for your VIP Pet; hairbands and bobbles, a comb and other things, depending on which dog you get.

blind bag VIP Pets accessories

We ran both under the tap as instructed. Make sure you have a towel nearby as it is a bit wet!

washing the VIP Pets girl running toy under the tap

You are then able to take the little dog out of the containers and take it’s plastic hat off! The girls were pretty excited to see. I will add here however, the dogs were really sticky! Something must come off the plastic hats when you pour water on them for the reveal. My eldest pulled the hat off but I stopped my middle daughter and went and washed the dog first, or the hair would get wet. It was really sticky stuff and went everywhere. Do bear this in mind!

You then need to clean the face of your dog. We just used a wipe to reveal a pattern around your dog’s eye.

clean face of a VIP Pet

The hair reveal was fab though, as it really is so long and my middley was thrilled with her dog’s rainbow hair.

VIP Pets rainbow hair

The girls wanted to brush the hair and then tie and plait it. We put the headbands in and the girls started playing their imaginary games together, as they do. You can stand up your VIP Pet and there is a sucker that holds it on a surface. This is good for displaying it and keeping it safe. Also keeps the dog sturdy when doing its hair.

Our Thoughts

The girls loved opening and revealing the hair colours of their VIP Pets. I always think kids love that process and it really does make a fun way to spend some time with them. My girls loved blind bags and excitement.

I do think as well kids will continue to play with them afterwards and enjoy styling their hair and making up imaginary games. The dogs are cute looking too, with huge eyes and eyelashes.

Price-wise for the size of the end toy and looking competitively with others, they seem reasonable too but would definitely be a present or treat for my girls.

There were a couple of negatives in my mind. One was the stickiness after the washing of the VIP Pets. I don’t know if we did something wrong but I would 100% advise you to wash and clean your dog before removing the cap and revealing the hair. The cap was very sticky too. My eldest quite liked it, as reminded her of slime. My middle daughter was not so keen, as hates messy hands.

Also these products come with a lot plastic and we didn’t keep the original containers; well we kept one as a bath toy! However, you may not want to and if you are a firm no for plastic waste; you may not be happy with that aspect.

Otherwise these VIP Pets are good fun and if you have kids who love styling hair, perfect! They are cute and fun to play with afterwards.

two VIP Pets together

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Disclosure – we were sent this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.