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Making Memories Caravanning with Teesside Caravans | AD

Bailey caravan in the woods

I have never gone caravanning in my lifetime but my husband has experienced it many times when he was a child. He has many fond memories in the caravan with his family.

In today’s current Covid-19 climate it may become the holiday of choice! Many people are choosing to stay in the UK for their holidays this year and this may continue as many are choosing to have more socially distanced holidays. Parts of the UK are truly beautiful and you can have a completely amazing holiday, spending time outdoors with family and friends.

I asked my husband to share some of his favourite memories of holidays in his caravan, as a child and hopefully they will inspire you, if you are thinking about what to do for your next holiday. My husband’s family had their own caravan, so it went all over with them.

Making Memories Caravanning

These were the things my husband remembered the most.

Waking up hearing the sounds of nature – caravanning gives you that chance to be outdoors and be surrounded by nature but with some of your home comforts. A comfy bed, being able to cook and a toilet close by! It’s the best of both worlds.

The freedom to take it anywhere – most places of beauty have local caravanning sites. This gives you flexibility. One year you may fancy the south coast and the next time, the Lake District for a different type of holiday.

Staying up late playing and literally falling into bed – my hubby loved late nights out playing with his brother  or if he met any friends. It was brilliant to them just crawl into bed after a busy day.

Eating outdoors (or in the caravan if it rained) – one of the best parts of holidaying is eating al-fresco and you can prepare food in the caravan and sit out and eat. All so easy and lovely memories of eating together.

It sounds like he used to have a great time.

Choosing a Caravan from Teesside Caravans

If you are thinking about purchasing a caravan or motorhome for many future holidays, you may want to consider Teesside Caravans when browsing.

They have a range of different caravan brands for you to chose from, including Bailey, Sprite and Swift. Buying a caravan is a big decision but Teeside Caravans stocks both new and used Bailey Caravans and Motorhomes. This will help to suit every budget.

What is great about the Bailey range at Teesside Caravans is they use the new Alu-Tech design. This is a unique interlocking aluminium framework to clamp the body panels together. The shell that is much more robust and durable than anything else. They have enhanced thermal insulation capabilities, so you can holiday all year round. Plus they are lighter, making a positive difference with what vehicles will be able to tow.


In the current climate, with Covid-19, all retailers may have different procedures regarding visiting and browsing caravans. You can find out more on the Bailey of Bristol website here.

Consider the Bailey’s Virtual Showroom

If you would like to have a browse from the comfort of your own home, you can use the Bailey of Bristol Virtual Showroom, which allows you to take a closer look at the caravans and motorhomes in more detail before perhaps visiting a showroom.

I’m a planner, so this is great for deciding if a caravan would suit you or your family. Where would you sleep and would it be easy to store a lot of luggage?

I think one day a break in a caravan would be something I’d like to do (even if it was just me and my hubby!)

What about you? Do you have fond memories of caravanning?

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.