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How To Get Pregnant FAST – TOP TIPS

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After my hubby and I got married we knew we wanted a baby and we wanted one quickly. I was 27 when we got married but I’d been so broody for about 2 years. I think it just hits you. You just know you know want to become a Mum and it does become all consuming. It was all I thought about and when we officially started to ‘try’ this became even worse! Thankfully I got pregnant fast with my first child and with second two even faster. This gave me the idea for this post – how to get pregnant fast and I thought I would share my tips.

I’m not a doctor and I know that fertility is so different between women and couples. What works for one person may not work for another at all! So I can all do is share my experience and hope it helps.

When I got married I was on the contraceptive pill and had been since I was 17 years old. 10 whole years. It felt like a long time. It was a long time!! There was that fear that my fertility was going to be poor. What if I couldn’t get pregnant? This is always a fear for anyone trying to start a family and I was no different. You have no patience. You have no rationale thoughts! I did a couple of tests in the early months and the negatives are hard to see.

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In the end it took me 3 months to fall pregnant with my eldest, which was no time at all but I remember panicking after a couple of months, that it wasn’t going to happen! In hindsight I knew why our chances were lower in the first few months and will share my tips with you. 

Get Pregnant Fast

  • Get to know your cycle of you come off contraception. Before I when on the pill at 17, my cycle was around 28 days but after I came off it, it was around 35 days! I think for at least the first month or so, sex was not timed at the right time so we missed ovulation. We decided that if nothing by the third month would try the ovulation sticks to help. After my first baby my cycle seemed to be around 32-33 days so it changes!! Tracking helps. There are lots of ways you can – track your temperature, ovulation sticks or you may just know your body for the signs of ovulation.
  • Have plenty of sex! Hubby and I decided when trying for my eldest to just do it every couple of days for two weeks to cover all bases. It worked and worked in the first month for our second and third children. I always remember my doctor friend telling me she would hear of people struggling to get pregnant and when she questioned their sex life, it was like once a week! Needs to be more and she always advise more. 
  • Get healthy. It’s not always the nicest thing to write but being overweight can affect fertility. I’m not saying lose stones of weight, as I know where a few people just got active and lost a little weight and boom – pregnant. Eat well and keep active and it may only be a few pounds that makes all the difference.

I have some articles with may help here:

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  • Cut out the alcohol and stop smoking if you do. This get you prepared for if you pregnant and can get your body in a healthier state.
  • Start taking folic acid and vitamin D if you don’t already. Folic acid is actually recommended 3 months prior to getting pregnant and helped prevent neural tube defects. There are also multi-vitamins designed for pregnancy and pre-conception. Always worth asking in the pharmacy. 
  • Try and chill and this is soooo much easier said than done but it helps. Do whatever you can to take your mind off trying. Exercise, tv, read, meditation. Just try and relax a little, as stress really doesn’t help when trying to conceive.

Have a read at some old wives tales to get pregnant fast too!! These are very funny, like keeping your legs up after sex and trying different positions!

Getting pregnant can be stressful and a nervous time but the key really is to be the opposite and try and enjoy it. Getting your body as healthy as can be is a really good start and knowing your body and cycle really helped us.

If in doubt always have a chat with your GP for more advice. Good Luck!