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Renting with a Family – What to Look For | AD

renting with a family

I remember when I was renting properties. It started when I was a student; I lived with 5 others when I was doing my biology degree at the University of York. I don’t remember doing too much research into this (!) As long as there was some space, it was relatively clean and tidy and I had a decent room I was happy. I actually can’t believe that 6 of us lived in that space; a semi detached house with only 3 upstairs bedrooms and 3 rooms downstairs made into bedrooms! The only communal space was a small kitchen and lounge! Guess you don’t care as a student! However, renting with a family is a totally different prospect. It’s not just about you anymore, you have small people to think about.

If I was to go back to renting, now I have 3 children, this is what I would be looking out for.

Renting with a Family

– A safe garden is important, especially with young children. No ponds or water features. No large steps or areas where a fall is a risk. Plenty of grass and safe play is perfect for children. In our old house we had a pond and as soon as we had our baby girl, it got filled in. There was just so much worry about her falling in and us missing it.

– The property needs to be safe too. If a family has young children, they will be looking at the steps, potential trip hazards, anything that could cause an injury to a child. My baby boy trips and falls all over. We wouldn’t want a house with very steep stairs or steps leading down into a room.

– Good sized bedrooms. It maybe that some children do have to share but ensuring children have space and privacy in their bedrooms is very important. Kids fight and some kids have a lot of stuff! They need to be able to escape and have some space.

– You want a good landlord. Someone who has a good reputation and cares about the property. Ultimately families may want to rent for a while and not move around when children get settled and happy. Checking your landlord will be insured will compare landlord insurance to be fully covered is important.

– Good location. Close proximity to a school or nursery is always a plus, so getting to and from these places is quick and easy, without having to drive. Shops and a close-by GP surgery is always good too.

– Fast broadband and a good mobile phone signal. Kids need for school work and parents to avoid losing their sanity! Being able to make a phone call when needed is important.

– A safe neighbourhood. What is the crime rate like? Is the property located on a main, busy road? As a parent, I’d be scared about going out at night or the risk of them running out on the road if the answer to both of those questions was yes.

Renting a property comes with so many things to consider when you have a family. I rented with my husband and our biggest thing was being located close to a train station to commute to work. How things change when you have children!

Safety, security and the happiness of your family is all that matters!

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.