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Jigsaws Make a Great Christmas Gift – 5 Reasons Why | AD

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One of the things I did like to do when I was a child was a jigsaw. I think what was lovely was actually having the time to sit and do one! I remember I used to get one for Christmas and one of my faves was a 1000 piece Simpsons puzzle. It was quite tricky for me to do and I remember it being out on the dining room table for ages. I have fond memories of going back to hit and listening to some compilation tape after Christmas. Happy days! Jigsaws make a great Christmas Gift too.

Fast forward about 25 years and I’m now doing jigsaws with my little ones and sometimes on my own, if we get an addictive one. My middley loves a jigsaw and she has got quite good at them. She does like to repeat the same one over and over but who cares eh?

With so many of us likely to be at home over the festive season this year, we are going to need to be kept occupied,  especially on the stretch between Christmas and New Year!

Create Your Own Jigsaw with Fine Art America

Sometime choosing the right jigsaw can be a challenge in itself. You want a challenge but not too crazy. It wants to be a picture that has meaning to the recipient. What better image than a photo? Most people love a personalised gift and something that is special to them.

Fine Art America are launching a selection of puzzles, with some many styles to choose from in both 500 and 1000 pieces.

I quite liked this Halloween one but there is a huge selection to whatever takes your fancy.

Jigsaws Makes a Great Christmas Gift

As mentioned, a photo can make great jigsaw. Fine Art America also offer custom photo puzzles.

I had a go at uploading one of my autumnal images and it looks great. The picture can be vertical or horizontal and again, either 500 or 1000 pieces. They use archival ink and guaranteed to last 75 years without fading! They can also be shipped all over the world.

personalised jigsaw puzzle - fine art AmericaJigsaws Make a Great Christmas Gift

Jigsaws do make a really good Christmas gift and here is some reasons why and may make you consider one this year:

– They bring the family together. It’s great to invest in a large puzzle and all spend time doing different sections. I did one with my daughter when we had some time alone and it was lovely to chat and have some time.

– It gets you away from screens for a while. We are all guilty of it, aren’t we? Heads buried over a phone or tablet. Doing a jigsaw pulls you away from that for a while and you can get truly lost.

– It’s a challenge! I hadn’t done a jigsaw for ages and it was great to challenge myself and get stuck in. It definitely took me a while at the start to get the knack again.

– They are addictive! Once you start, there is that pull to keep going back to finish! My hubby joined in with me recently and did a bit. Then it was a race to see who would do the final bit! I won.

– They can be done many times over and over. Jigsaws are one of those things you can dig out again, months or even years later. Some families have a tradition of doing a Christmas one each year. They can be part of making lasting memories.

Jigsaws are going to be on my Christmas gift list this year for my hubby, as he really enjoyed the one we did together recently!

I hope they will on yours too.

Jigsaws Makes a Great Christmas Gift

Disclosure -this is a sponsored post.