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Smart Technology for Your Family Home

Smart Technology for Your Family Home

Post written/prepared by Derek P. Ramirez

The demands of running a family home can be trying at times, and we are becoming more reliant on technology to help us along.

Smart technology is essential collections of gadgets that help you through everyday life by either thinking for themselves or being remotely controlled by apps on your mobile devices. There seems to be smart tech for everything these days, from leisure to your home environment, and the global market is worth more than $43bn (£33bn), according to UK Tech. It is also believed to be growing at around 15% a year, meaning more technology, more gadgets and more scope for you around the home.

One important aspect of running a household that smart technology is impacting are your finances. Over the last few months, the economy has taken a hit and our article titled 20 Ways to Save Money – What I’ve Learned Over Lockdown, gave some insight into how families could combat those problems. Whilst there are methods by which you can run a more frugal household, sometimes leaning on technology can help.

Smart technology can also help improve your day-to-day lifestyle around the home too, and we have pulled together some of the latest advances which you might want to consider introducing into your family home.


Smart plugs are basically an extension of your plug socket but offer connectivity remotely. If you rush out of the house on the school run but realise you have left hair straighteners plugged in, you can switch them off on the go. The savings are perhaps minimal, a little here and there on items left running, but the peace of mind is far more attractive. No more worrying about having left the iron on, or one of the kids have left their game console on. You have the power to control your home from work, the hairdressers or the gym. In an article on Wired, it suggests they cost less than £20 too, so they are affordable as well as useful.


Heating the home is hugely important and with a family on the go, it can be hard to get it right. If you are kept out later than usual, perhaps the heating comes on when it does not need to, or maybe you get to work and worry about having left it on. Worry no more; the smart thermostat is the way forward. Adding to your existing heating system is easy, although you might want to consider protecting yourself if you do. However, a smart thermostat is no use if your boiler breaks down, so make sure your smart tech is being used by a smart homeowner. A comparison guide on HomeServe looking at boiler insurance options, recommends taking out coverage to protect your appliances, and that is particularly relevant whenever you make changes to your system, even installing new smart technology. Once you do have a smart thermostat and a protected system, you could save a lot of money on your bills, as they can even learn your family’s schedule and plan your heating accordingly.


Amazon, Google, Apple and a host of other companies have got smart assistants on the market. You might know them better as Alexa, for instance, helping you get through the day by playing podcasts and the radio, announcing pre-set reminders or just keeping the kids entertained with a quiz or a story. A smart assistant is helpful for everyday tasks such as remembering chores or just making your day run a little smoother. Very soon, one might even consider them as essential.

Post written/prepared by Derek P. Ramirez