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Fuzzikins Dress-Up Mega Pack – REVIEW and GIVEAWAY | AD

fuzzikins dress up mega pack

I was wondering what I was going to do with the girls this half-term. I’d booked a pumpkin patch for Halloween. fun and we’d had our usual half-term McDs planned but I also knew would have a couple of days to fill before the girls went to my Mum’s and I was at work. The girls have got better at playing and entertaining themselves but they do still like a bit of direction!! This is where the new Fuzzikins Dress-Up Mega Pack would be a amazing to keep them busy for a little while. Creativity and cute things? A match made in heaven for my girls and probably a lot of other kids too!

What is the Fuzzikins Dress-Up Mega Pack?

My eldest has played with Fuzzikins before and she was ready to go immediately but it would be the first time for my middley, who is now 4.

Included in the Fuzzikins Dress-Up Mega Pack is 6 Fuzzikins characters, 6 washable pens and lots of dressing up costumes and accessories

Your simple colour your Fuzzikins and dress them in their favourite costumes, using the washable pens provided. You can then dress them up! There is a Superhero costume, doctor and unicorn to name a few. They are really sweet little things.

What I actually didn’t realise when we played with Fuzzkins before is you can rinse your characters, dry and colour in again. All the costumes can then be stored in the dressing up chest, which can also be coloured in.

The Fuzzikins Dress-Up Mega pack is perfect for imaginative games, stories and lots of fun together.

This product is aimed at children aged 4 and over and is currently available in Smyths Toys, Hobbycraft and John Lewis.

fuzzikins mega-pack dress up

As seen above you can even practice your designs on the packaging!

Playing with the Product

The girls were really excited to get cracking on the first Monday of half-term. I managed to wrestle the baby boy enough to help the girls and explain a little about the outfits. Both wanted to copy to designs off the boxes and they both started well!

The Fuzzikins are really cute as you can see below. Just be careful when dressing them or colouring too hard as the fuzz can come off. My eldest noticed this and this is why you are also not recommended to put them in the washing machine!

a rabbit fuzzikin

There is a bag full of accessories which we opened and had a look to figure out what there was included.

fuzzikins mega pack dress up accessories

You also get a pack of pens to colour in your Fuzzikins.

My middley had a really good go with it. As you can see it does take a lot of colouring to colour it all in smoothly but she tried really hard and enjoyed it.

My eldest enjoyed copying the designs on the box when making a tutu for her Fuzzikin rabbit.

girl colouring in her fuzzikin accessories

As mentioned, there is a also a cardboard box to store the accessories in. You can colour this and my eldest did later on.

storage box for the fuzzikins

There is also a mirror included when you gave finished your Fuzzikins designs! Your characters can model their accessories.

fuzzikins and the mirror Fuzzikins Dress-Up Mega Pack girls playing with the Fuzzikins Dress-Up Mega Pack

Our Thoughts

I’m quite a fan of Fuzzikins as they are really cute, promote creativity and really do keep the kids busy for a while! You can also wash and use again and they are lovely to play with afterwards. It’s not a product that you are done with and that’s that!

The girls like to carry them in their little bags and they do always pop up again to be played with in future games.

My eldest is 4 and she was fine at getting involved and colouring in. It kept them both off screens for a while and I’m sure will do again after we wash the Fuzzikins and have another go with them. I like that the pens are washable, as the girls do tend to get pen everywhere! Do still be careful on fabrics though.

Overall a thumbs up for us!

I think the Fuzzkins Dress-Up Mega Pack will make a lovely gift this Christmas, especially if we are home a little more than usual.

Would you like to win a Fuzzikins Dress-Up Mega Pack?

If so enter via Rafflecopter below.

All terms and conditions can be found here.

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Good Luck!

Disclosure – we were provided with these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are out own.



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