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Batman Mission Batcave and Batman Launch and Defend Batmobile REVIEW | AD

Batman Mission Batcave and Batman Launch and Defend Batmobile REVIEW | AD

My middley is completely different to her older sister. She refuses to wear a dress or skirt and being a Princess really isn’t for her. She’d much rather be a Superhero; usually SpiderMan and Batman. I love the differences in my girls. They are unique and compliment each other and it also means birthdays and Christmas’ are a little different, as they ask for different presents. This gives me different ideas for them which is fab, as we have two girls and we always run out of ideas!! My middley has already given me her Christmas list and when I was offered two amazing Batman toys; Batman Mission Batcave and the Batman Launch and Defend Batmobile, I knew she would be jumping for joy on Christmas morning. Both products are from Spinmaster and we have already reviewed one of their amazing products this year – Present Pets.

More About the Batman Mission Batcave

The Batman Mission Batcave is aimed at children aged 4 years and over and RRPs at £49.99. It does need 3 x AA batteries that are not included.

BATMAN Mission Batcave

Included is 1 Playset, 1 Batman Figure, 6 Pieces of Batman Armor, 1 Grappling Hook, 4 Chipboard, 1 Sticker Sheet and 1 Instruction Guide.

This playset comes with two sides of play: Batcave on one side and Gotham City on the other. It splits apart into three different levels that you can use separately, or you can stack them together into one playset.

It includes an exclusive 4-inch Batmanaction figure and exclusive battle armour! You won’t find it anywhere else.

Whilst playing with the set you will find an armoury reveal chamber, secret escape door, jail cell, a working zipline and a telephone pole that falls down. Use your imagination to create endless Batman storylines with this amazing playset.

BATMAN Mission Batcave

Setting up the Batman Mission Batcave

As you can see the Batman Mission Batcave comes in bags and you have to build it!

My husband very kindly set this up for me, as I was reliably informed it does take some time. He put the Batcave together in one session but did the stickers at another time. It did take him a good 20 minutes to do this and we are going to keep it built and wrap it up built for my daughter. I know Christmas is all about building toys but bear that time time in mind!!

BATMAN Mission Batcave 

BATMAN Mission Batcave  Gotham City

Playing With the Product – Testing it Out!

Now this amazing Batman Mission Batcave is going to be for my middle daughter, so this was tested out by yours truly but the kids were all at school and childminders.

I have to say I was amazed at all the things you can do with it. I put the batteries in and this lights up the Batman light signal on the Gotham City side and on the Batcave, lights up the control centre.

BATMAN Mission Batcave  Gotham City light up

BATMAN Mission Batcave control panel lit up

You can have both sides fully built up or have smaller levels, as you can see by the images.

BATMAN Mission Batcave one level

You get a Batman figure included too.

There is an armoury reveal chamber with armour for your Batman.

armoury reveal chamber

There is a secret door to escape, a cage, and the telegraph pole falls down. You can even get Batman to come in via a zip line!

secret door to escape trap Mission Batcave  telegraph pole falls down Batman Batman on a zip line

Above the green waste bucket tips over when playing with the Gotham City side.

I was riveted. There was so much to do and I know Batman fans will have a great time with this product. There are so many games and stories you can make up for Batman. It’s easy to play with, not too fiddly, which can be a problem for kids and just great fun!

More about The Batman Launch and Defend Batmobile

This currently retails at £29.99 and is designed for kids aged 4 years and over. The controller requires 2 x AAA batteries, which are not included.

BATMAN Launch and Defend Batmobile

Some of the features of the Batman Launch and Defend Batmobile are:

– Launching Action! The batmobile features a spring-loaded eject feature. Push the button on the controller and automatically launch Batman into Super Hero action.

– Full Function Remote Control! You can drive your Launch and Defend Batmobile in any direction with the 2.4GHz dual joystick controller. Control your batmobile from up to 75 metres away.

It comes with a 10cm exclusive Batman figure for your batmobile.

Testing out the The Batman Launch and Defend Batmobile

The BATMAN Launch and Defend Batmobile

As I said you do need batteries for this product, so I added them in to the controller. The actual Batmobile charges up via a USB stored in the bottom. It glows red when you plug in and the light goes off, when charged.

USB charger for the batmobile

The instructions for launching Batman are easy to follow. You press down the launcher, sit Batman in and shut him in. Then you simply press the red button on the controller and he launches into the air!

The BATMAN Launch and Defend Batmobile

The first time I did this, I actually screamed as it made me jump! Such good fun. Driving the Batmobile was easy. Simply a forward and backwards with the control and left and right. The car moves quite quickly too! Really good fun and I can’t wait for my girls to have a go.

batman in The BATMAN Launch and Defend Batmobile

Our Thoughts – Both Products 

I was really impressed with both the Batman Mission Batcave and the Batman Launch and Defend Batmobile. There is space for the Batmobile under your Batcave too, so both products together make an amazing gift.

bat cave and batmobile

What I like is there is so much to do with them. They are exciting products and allow for so many imaginative games with their included Batman figures. I’m sure even though this is for my middley, her older sister will love to get involved too!

I like how you can put the Batman Mission Batcave together in one or work on different levels. So much thought into the product and small things to surprise the kids. The zip line and armour included for Batman is pretty cool. You will need to show younger ones how to use the zip line and hook Batman on.

You do need to save some time to build the product. I spoke to another blogger who said it took her an hour and it did take my husband two sessions of about 20 minutes each. Your kids will need help with this.

The products are study and as I mentioned not too fiddly; easy for kids to work and figure out with they can do. They may need a little help with launching Batman fun the Batmobile but driving this with the remote is pretty easy. I like the way to car can be charged with a USB too;  saves money on batteries and so much easier. My personal fave bit is where Batman flies out of the Batmobile; so much fun and really surprised me, so I know the kids will love too. The car is also really easy to control and I think younger children will pick up quickly.

Price-wise they are fairly standard for play sets now and likely to make one of the main presents for little ones. They are worth it though, as I think kids will really enjoy.

Overall both of these products will make Batman fans extremely happy! So much to do and so much thought gone into them. I now can’t wait to give to my middley on Christmas morning!

Disclosure – we were provided with these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.



  1. November 4, 2020 / 11:26 am

    This is so cool! I love how your daughter, loves superheroes. I used to enjoy playing with all sorts of things. This looks fab!

  2. November 4, 2020 / 5:34 pm

    These look brilliant, any Batman fan would be over the moon to open these on Christmas Day.

    My friends nephew is mad on Batman so I think I’ll send this on to her to check out, win some auntie points!

  3. November 5, 2020 / 9:59 pm

    Wow, this looks amazing. I bet it will be popular for Christmas.

  4. November 7, 2020 / 10:11 am

    Love that the girls are so different in their choices, I struggle with my two for the exact opposite reason. It makes present buying hard. Saying that this looks great and the fact it has so much to keep them occupied. Will be going on the Christmas list for my youngest.

  5. November 8, 2020 / 9:47 am

    This looks like a really great toy!! Love the zip wire! . My son would have hours of fun with this