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Autumn Baking Tips

Autumn Baking Tips

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

When it comes to eating, cooking and preparing food we like to keep natural healthy food in mind. As the seasons change so does our fresh produce, and we like to eat within nature’s natural harmony. 

To celebrate the arrival of Autumn, we spoke to our friends at London’s Anges De Sucre bakery, for their top tips of how to bake with Autumn ingredients and flavours in mind. As experts in textures, flavours and decoration the Anges De Sucre bakers are our go-to’s for inspiration. The team creates the most bold, beautiful and out of this world cakes that not only look good, they taste good as well. From extra memorable celebration cakes, to beautiful, edible sculptures nobody does it better than the Anges De Sucre team. You can check them out here, and head over to their site for a visual feast!  

So now back to Autumn, let’s see what the top London bakers suggest we work with. With baking tips from Anges De Sucre

Opt for seasonal fruits

We know summer gets all the glory when it comes to fruit, but autumn produce is amazing, as the leaves turn a delightful golden hue, our ground and farms give us a full abundance of fruit to enjoy. Apple and berry picking is a great activity to participate in at this time of year, get all the family and your friends involved! Then once you has finished this wholesome activity, you’ll need to do something with all of those apples that you picked! Other great choices for for autumn baking are cranberries (not only reserved for Christmas) and pumpkins (not only reserved for Halloween). Plus pears and pomegranates really come into their own in the Autumn season, try them as fillers in classic cakes, or baked pear with pomegranates and cream. We’re licking our lips even as we are typing this!  

Experiment with spices

It’s the season for spice, cinnamon and nutmeg spices are popular for a reason, and are of course our go-to classics. There is a vast array of spices that can add a fresh new energy to your Autumnal bakes, from ginger, cloves, allspice, mace, star anise, cardamom and yes, even peppercorns all create a different taste experience. Experiment with recipes, new flavour combinations and one major plus about incorporating these spices into your baking; your kitchen and your home will smell delightful when your treats are in the oven! 

Mix up the moisture

Why not add a puree? We’re thinking pumpkin, sweet potato or squash adds a whole new flavour, and added dose of moisture. We’ve tried it and you can safely add two to four tablespoons of a puree without having to do a substitution with other ingredients. Just keep an eye on the baking time, as added moisture usually equals extra time in the oven, by a couple of minutes or so.

Pro tip: If you want to replace some of the fat? Swap out half of the oil or butter for a puree or unsweetened applesauce. Same delicious result, half the fat.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.