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Unique Eyes Dolls – REVIEW

girl with Unique eyes doll Amy

My eldest is growing up fast. She’s now 8 years old and already loving soft blankets, hoodies, make up and way too much YouTube. However, she still loves to play with her dolls. Dressing them, designing new clothes when doing crafts and making up games is still a big part of her free time when she’s home. She’s always keen for a new style doll and I knew she would love playing with one of the Unique Eyes Dolls we were sent to review.

Unique Eyes Dolls – More About the Product

Unique Eyes Dolls are unique, as their beautiful eyes follow the gaze of anyone looking at them!

You can collect 3 characters – Amy, Sophia and Rebecca; each has her own special talent. They love fashion, sports and learning new things.

They also have beautiful, soft and long hair, which I knew my eldest would love to brush and style. They have realistic body shapes and can even stand alone. Each Unique Eyes Doll comes with a removable outfit and you can buy a “Total Look” set which comes with an additional outfit.

Unique Eyes Dolls can be purchased in the Entertainer, B&M and on Amazon and RRP at £24.99. The Total Look dolls are £34.99.

They are recommended for children aged 3 years and over.

Unique Eyes Doll Amy in the box

Unique Eyes Dolls – Amy

We were kindly sent the Unique Eyes Doll Amy. Our first thoughts are she is really beautiful and her eyes really do follow you around the room!

I didn’t actually tell me eldest the doll did this but she came running downstairs to tell me Amy eyes were looking at her from all angles!

She was pretty easy to get out of the box but doesn’t come with any accessories. My eldest did wonder if there would a brush as she does have amazing soft hair.

Unique Eyes Doll Amy in the box

girl holding Amy the Unique Eyes Doll

She has a cool glittery dress which my eldest loved, denim jacket and cool boots. Her legs are quite big but this allows her to stand freely, which is great for games and displaying her in a bedroom. Perfect for kids who are collecting all Unique Eyes Dolls.

Unique Eyes doll Amy

Overall Thoughts

The Unique Eyes Doll Amy is really a beautiful, sturdy doll. You do just find yourself looking at her and it’s pretty cool how her eyes follow you around the room, wherever you are!

My eldest loved her hair and was brushing and styling it; bear in mind you do need your own accessories here. Not too much of an issue for us, as my eldest has tonnes!

Price wise, she is pretty competitive with dolls on the market but is different and I guess the word is Unique! Her eyes really make her.

Overall a lovely doll, nice concept and I know many children will fall in love with her pretty quickly.

girl holding her unique eyes doll Amy

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.