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PAJ Easy Finder GPS Tracker – REVIEW | AD

PAJ easy finder GPS tracker

I’m a total nightmare for losing things. Scatty is probably my middle name. The thought of being able to track something and know where it is, is so reassuring. My eldest is starting to get older and it won’t be long until she is out and about and being more independent. There is always that worry of something happening to her and wondering where she is. The solution to both of these issues is a PAJ Easy Finder GPS Tracker.

Who are PAJ?

PAJ GPS is one of the leading European brand in GPS tracker devices. The most easy to use tracker devices with an advanced finder portal for configuration. You can track your assets and even the people you love!

All of your assets can be monitored using a single finder portal in your computer or mobile. You can analyse travel time, stop points, speed variation during the course and route taken with the application. You can share the current location with authorities incase of emergencies, to really help with less worry.

PAJ GPS tracker website

What is the PAJ Easy Finder GPS Tracker?

The PAJ Easy Finder GPS Tracker has been designed for vehicles, people and valuables.

PAJ GPS Tracker easy finder

It has 14 days battery life in standby mode and SOS button for emergencies. It is also waterproof.

The tracker is part of a new generation design which has 4G network coverage and is currently available on Amazon for £90.57.

Other features include:

– Alarm notification if the GPS is shaken or moved.

– SOS alarm if the alarm button is pressed.

– Alarm message as soon as the GPS leaves a specific radius.

– Alarm notification if the GPS exceeds a specific speed.

– A battery alarm message, as soon as the battery is low.

The Finder Portal

We were kindly offered 6 months subscription to the Finder Portal as part of the collaboration. This is a paid for product and you can find out more here online.

Also you can download the app from Apple store or Google Play store

Some of the benefits however include:

– Live tracking of your GPS tracker.

– Driving routes up to 100 days can be stored and called upon.

– You can activate alarms and will be notified by push notifications and email about any triggered alarms.

– Simple to set up and control costs and can be accessed via phone, tablet or PC. Access via the Apps as mentioned above.

Costs start at £3.75 per month, depending on the length of subscription you choose.

Using the PAJ Easy Finder

Our tracker had already been set up with the Finder Portal and I could immediately see it was sat in my house!

I had a nosey around the portal and it was very easy to turn on the alarms as mentioned before for speeding, shaking or low battery. You can change this easily too. I like the idea of having instant access on your phone too.

I took it out for a walk and returned and you can see the route on the map; exactly where you have been. I can imagine the tracker would be perfect to put in a car or bag if you are wanting to keep a close eye.

When you take the tracker out of the box it does need a good 8 hours to charge and be ready for use.

PAJ GPS tracker

Overall Thoughts

The PAJ GPS Tracker is a really useful tool for peace of mind and security. It is easy to set up and use, with a great battery life.

The Finder portal and subscription are very worth it as you can set alarms, as mentioned and have live tracking of your GPS. It even showed us the part of the house I was sat in so very accurate.

The price is not steep and well worth it, including the subscription. I live in an area where car theft can be high at times and a product like this would help and reassure hugely.

You may have a relative you worry about or family member and adding the tracker to their bag or pocket, again is a brilliant way of keeping an eye on them for safety.

Thumbs up from us!

Disclosure – we were sent this product in exchange for an honest review and compensated for our time. All thoughts and opinions are our own.