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Ways of making your garden party more special

Ways of making your garden party more special

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

Hosting a garden party gives you a lot of freedom when deciding how formal or fun you’d like the whole event to be. After all, garden parties are more popular than ever, and from gender reveals and family reunions to sweet sixteen parties and wedding receptions, there are a million different ways to have a good time in your own back garden.

But sometimes, you may want to make that party a little more special than usual by doing something unique and different. So, to make your next big event as fun and memorable as possible, here are a few of the best ways of making your garden party more special.

Add a few fireworks to the proceedings

 There’s a fireworks outlet in every town and city, but it’s important to know what to look for. For example, the best firework shops Chatham, Cheltenham, or even Cheshire has to offer will have stacks of choices, and it’s essential that you choose something that complements your event.

 For big celebrations, go for loud and colourful fireworks. For more sensible and nuanced celebrations, look for softer and more intimate ones.

Some creative lighting can make all the difference

 The right lighting can add some stunning hues and a more memorable ambience to your event. And it won’t cost you the world to do it either! With some subtle but creative lighting across fences, plants, and other garden ornaments, you can cultivate the ultimate mood of your choice. However, be sure to keep any ponds, features, and paving well-lit to prevent any injuries. If you’re not confident in choosing the best lighting for your garden, then consult a professional like Blingle! to make your outdoor space look beautiful.

Make sure you have space in the middle of your garden

 Many garden events focus on the seating (which is very important of course) but fail to consider making space for people to dance, socialise, and have a good time away from their assigned seats.

Every good party needs room for everyone to mingle, so try to accommodate this as much as possible. Guests are far more likely to chat and interact with each other if there’s space to do so.

Create a new cocktail and make a huge batch of it

Everyone loves a big delicious bowl that’s full of a nice and fruitful cocktail to dig into. Make it inviting and colourful, and if you’re feeling brave, you could even make a brand new beverage and name it after your garden party.Can we guarantee that it’ll taste good? No. Can we guarantee it’ll be a big talking point either way? Absolutely!

Give everyone a party bag on the way out

Remember when you’d get a little fun party bag after leaving a birthday party when you were a child? Well, your guests are probably old enough to fully appreciate it now, so why not put an adult-centric party bag together?

Include a few nice scents, candles, and other small tokens of appreciation. You can even include a little cake for them to enjoy when they get home. Sometimes, the small touches make an event memorable, so don’t overlook them!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.