Baby Brain – The Saga Continues

You may recall if you read my blog that I wrote a post about all the times I had messed up with the two girls. Some things were funny, some were down right mad and… View Post

Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow

Ever since I was a little girl I have always had so much hair. I’ve always been a red head, though it has got less red as time has gone on. You always want what… View Post

I’m that Shouty Mum and it’s NEEDED Sometimes

I’ll admit it. I’m a shouty Mum. Only now and then but you know what Mums out there? If you are too, DON’T feel guilty. It is needed sometimes. I see a lot of posts in… View Post

MandM Direct for Us

You may have seen my post on Tuesday with the girls showing off their holidays items from MandM Direct. Now it is the turn of hubby and me to showcase what we chose. MandM Direct… View Post

MandM Direct – For the Girls

The gremlin is a clothes lover. I am lucky that buying things that she actually needs can be seen as a treat for her. We are off to Cyprus in May and both of my… View Post

Happy 6 Months Piglet!

My little Piglet is half a year old! 6 months has passed. Well, her actual anniversary was a few days ago but Mummy is just slack! Everyone says it flies and yes they are right.… View Post

Tiddlers and Nippers Baby Tracker Diary

Your baby is weaning and this already can be a bit of a stressy time. Keeping track of everything can also be a bit of a minefield. Your baby’s sleep is all over the place… View Post