The Plume of Feathers Shirley – Restaurant **REVIEW**

I love finding new places to eat. As a family we do tend to eat out quite often, so we like good food. I was recently kindly offered the chance to review a local restaurant… View Post

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Are you panicking yet about what to buy your other half for Father’s Day? Hope I can help you a little! I’ve never done a gift guide on the blog before, I’m moving into new… View Post

Stampin’ Up! Card Kit REVIEW | AD

I’m a scrapbooker usually but love a bit of stationary. Who doesn’t really? Crafting can be really therapeutic and making a card is different, cheaper in the long run and just more fun. My Mother-in-law… View Post

I Need to Stop Apologising For My Child

I was out with a fellow blogger not long ago. We both have girls who are around the same age; 3 and 4 and 8 month old babies. The eldest two are typical lovely little… View Post

Blogging – it’s Just like Having a Baby

Sometimes the craziest analogies and comparisons come into my head whilst I am having my morning shower. I usually have a list as long as my leg of things to do trying to sort them… View Post

The Frenzy Scooter – REVIEW The Frenzy Adult 205mm Scooter

My eldest fell off her scooter not so long ago. She was beside herself and Grandad ended up carrying her and I ended up having a go on her scooter. I was hooked. It was… View Post

Oh No Tui….this is what a holiday with 2 kids is like!!

Firstly before I even start we have just come back from a fabulous holiday in Cyprus. We stayed at a Sensatori hotel, designed by Thompson or Tui, as they are abroad.  They are amazing! We… View Post