Blogging – it’s Just like Having a Baby

Sometimes the craziest analogies and comparisons come into my head whilst I am having my morning shower. I usually have a list as long as my leg of things to do trying to sort them… View Post

The Frenzy Scooter – REVIEW The Frenzy Adult 205mm Scooter

My eldest fell off her scooter not so long ago. She was beside herself and Grandad ended up carrying her and I ended up having a go on her scooter. I was hooked. It was… View Post

Oh No Tui….this is what a holiday with 2 kids is like!!

Firstly before I even start we have just come back from a fabulous holiday in Cyprus. We stayed at a Sensatori hotel, designed by Thompson or Tui, as they are abroad.  They are amazing! We… View Post

Illumibowl **REVIEW**

I like gadgets. I also get up for a loo in the night, mainly as my two girls tend to wake me up. Kids! Who would have them eh? So put these two things together… View Post

Joie Nitro LX Stroller **REVIEW**

AD – A Lightweight stroller is just a must as your little babies get that little older. Hubby and I knew we would need a new one for Piglet as the gremlin’s was completely trashed.… View Post

Battling Health Anxiety

I ummed and erred about writing this post for quite possibly some of the most ridiculous reasons known to man; partly due to the nature of this post and partly for some kind of fear… View Post

Rikiki London Clothes **REVIEW**

Anyone who reads the blog knows my gremlin is a complete clothes lover and lives in dresses. When I was offered the change to review some clothes from Rikiki London for my girls, I was… View Post