Staying Connected as a Couple During Lockdown | AD

One of the hardest parts of being in lockdown during the pandemic is so little time alone and so little time with my husband. It is so important to stay connected as a couple when… View Post

Starting a Bullet Journal for Lockdown Memories

So many people have started a new hobby over lockdown. Initially I laughed at this, as did not believe I would ever have anymore time for anything else. I have recently written a post on… View Post

10 Weeks of Lockdown and I’m TIRED

When we were locked down officially 10 weeks ago, I couldn’t imagine how I would get through 10 weeks of it. Not seeing family and friends, no school and childcare. 24/7 with my three kids… View Post

Controlling Anger and Negative Emotions During Lockdown

One of the things I have found pretty hard, especially towards the latter end of this lockdown is feeling quite angry! It’s strange, as it isn’t something I expected to feel. The anxiety and stress… View Post