My Happy List Week #11

My Happy List Week #11

I think this week has passed in a flash! We have had some crappy parts, as the gremlin has been teething but overall it’s been good.

So what has made me happy this week?

  • Taking the gremlin to meet one of her nursery friends. Her whole, lovely family came along and we played in the park and I ate the biggest teacake I have ever seen (well shared it).
  • Getting to the gym twice and even being a bit achy the days after (still good to get that feeling when growing a human).
  • Having a lovely Wednesday with the gremlin; we had a morning tea stop and spent the afternoon playing.
  • Going home at the weekend and seeing my family. Also been fed up to an inch of my life; chilli Doritos, sherry trifle (yes didn’t think about the booze until I’d scoffed a bowl!!) and Roses. I also ate a tonne of salad to balance it…right? (says the Dietitian).
  • Hubby letting me buy bedding with flowers on it from the now floundering BHS. He NEVER lets me have flowers.
  • I did a scrapbook page! First since moving and I really like it.
  • I came to a decision on Monday about my extra work (more to come) and it’s a massive relief to be honest.
  • My friend who lives next door come around for a cuppa and a natter when our littlies were in bed. It was great to do it in PJs as she only had to walk 2 seconds to her door!!

I’m really looking forward to the weekend as meeting up with two blogger friends but not mentioning names in case I jinx it!! Don’t want any germs to cancel our plans.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend lovelies!

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