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Clearabee Rubbish Removal Service – REVIEW

Clearabee Rubbish Removal Service – REVIEW

AD – I have taken the most pleasure decluttering this March and April. We have got rid of a lot of rubbish and sorted the garage, dining room and the gremlin’s bedroom. It’s cathartic and good for the soul. Everywhere looks and feels so much better, ready for the summer ahead. They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing and we have been helped by Clearabee. Who needs Mrs Hinch??

There is one issue though and that is actually getting rid of all the rubbish. My husband isn’t one for going to the tip on multiple trips so we needed something else. When Clearabee got in contact and asked if we would like to review their rubbish removal service, I knew it had come just at the right time.

Who are Clearabee?

Clearabee offer rubbish removal from homes and businesses. They divert 90% of your waste from landfill and our the number 1 in same day rubbish removal.

clearabee website

You could choose a Man and a Van, which can be arranged for the same day and all waste is collected. They include the labour and loading too. Prices start at £49.99 and rise depending on how much waste you have.

You can choose a Beebag which come in four different sizes for you to fill. Small bags start at £99.99 from new, 1000kg of waste and are reusable, going up to extra large bags for £250.00 from new. This size equates to 1500kg of waste. You can get next day delivery on a bag and 24 hour collection is guaranteed or you can keep it for as long as you need and request a pick up. These are not suitable for construction or very heavy waste.

There are also smaller bag collections. For a standard bag, of which you can buy a roll, each can be collected for £9.99, each bag holding 10k.

A larger bag collection is £12.99, holding 25kg.

There is also sofa removal.

There is information on the website about how to calculate how much waste you have to figure out what service is required too.

What Did We Choose?

Hubby and I were going to be sorting out over a few days and wanted something that could be left and filled. We decided to go for a large Beebag which cost £199.99 as was new. If we wanted to re-use afterwards, we would be just looking at £179.99 for collection only.

clearabee large beebag information

The bag came the next day and was in a small parcel, so I was confused what it was at first. It was well folded up. We didn’t even realise this was the bag and when we opened it, how big it would be!

We didn’t use it for a few days until we started the garage.

It was simple to unwrap and open out, on our drive ready to fill. It was huge as well, with dimensions of 210cm x 165cm x 100cm. The only issue was we started filling excitedly and did not get any images of our unfilled bag!

We finished the job after a few days and decided we needed the bag needed collecting. You can call but I was put in touch with a very friendly chap online and arranged a Monday pick up. As I had no specific time set, as hubby was in all day, I wasn’t sure when they would turn up but I had a text and email to let me know when they would be here. This was great.

What Did We Think?

In terms of the service, it was spot on. We had no trouble ordering receiving the bag and arranging it to be collected. We were informed of its timely collection and this was all very well organised.

My husband greeted the collection team and he was very impressed. They were friendly and did all the lifting of the bag into the vehicle. They also ensured our drive was completely clean.

Good service makes ALL the difference and we cannot fault Clearabee here at all.

For the Beebag itself which comes with some good instructions and information.

clearabee filled bag


– Unlike a skip, it is flexible in terms of ordered. They are less likely to run out at a busy time and you can have the bag for as long as you want. You can also order it on one day and open another day.

– The bag itself is easy to open and use, especially if you have smaller property or limited space.

– You can move the bag around on the drive (as long as not too full).

– You can fit a LOT of waste in it.

– It is easier to empty a wheelbarrow into a bag, rather than an skip for example.

clearabee filled bag


– Some items are not allowed in the bag, like paint, food waste or any chemicals.

– It is a little more pricey, compared to when we have had a skip before.

– The bag is obviously less robust and can fold over when you are filling it until it gets filled up enough!

Overall Thoughts

We were really impressed with the Clearabee service. They were very efficient and friendly and they offer something that we all need sometimes; someone to just come and get rid of all our rubbish.

There are lots of options and ways of doing this and I have to say we would fully recommend! Thumbs up.

Disclosure – we were provided with the Clearabee service in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.