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Baby Annabell Carriage Pram – REVIEW | AD

Baby Annabell Carriage Pram – REVIEW | AD

When I saw the gorgeous Baby Annabell Carriage Pram online, I thought it was beautiful! I also thought I would have two little girls who would adore it and knew it would be a perfect Christmas present for one of them.

My girls are currently 5 and 2 and still love playing with babies. My eldest is brilliant with imaginary games and my youngest basically copies everything she does! My youngest already has a Baby Annabell Interactive Doll which she kind of stole from her eldest sister, so this would be a perfect fit for the pram.

The girls are so cute together and play so well together. I knew they would love it,.

More About the Baby Annabell Carriage Pram

The Baby Annabell Carriage Pram currently retails at £29.99 and can be found at a variety of retailers including Smyths Toys, Argos.

This pram looks truly beautiful. It has a vintage-style baby carriage, a spring chassis, adjustable hood and removable apron. It comes with a pillow and bedding and has a handle height of 61cm.

It is recommended for children over 3 years old, due to small parts. I was wondering how long I would be able to keep it away from my youngest!!

Setting Up the Baby Annabell Carriage Pram

Now I have to admit I’m usually naff at this part of the reviews and get my hubby to set up any toys but he had taken the youngest out, so I thought I’m sure I can do this!

And I could.

The instructions for the Baby Annabell Carriage Pram are pretty self-explanatory. The pram comes out of the box like this:

Parts of the Baby Annabelle Carriage pram

I easily attached the wheels to the base of the pram with a quick click.

wheel attached to base of Baby Annabell Carriage pram

You the attach the base of the pram to the bassinet. I found this a little more tricky as they do snap in and almost bend but I managed it!

Fitting the base of the pram to the bassinet

I was then ready to place in the pillow and blanket ready for Baby Annabell.

Pillow and blanket in Baby Annabell Carriage Pram

Overall the set up was pretty easy and quick and if I can do it so can you!

Our Thoughts

My eldest who is 5 and the official toy tester had a play with the Baby Annabell Carriage Pram. She is quite tall for her age and you can see below, it’s about the right height for her.

I loved the springy-ness of the pram as she pushed it. It just looks beautiful too. The colours, style and wheels make it so lovely for young children.

girl pushing the baby annabell carriage pram

The gremlin put her sister’s Baby Annabell doll in and took her for a garden stroll. You can see how sweet she looks checking on her, like a real baby.

girl comforting her babygirl pushing the baby annabell carriage pram

She loved playing with the Baby Annabell Carriage pram. It’s beautiful and perfect for children who want to imagine they are really taking their baby out for a walk. I like the way it comes with accessories and it is a good size, so will last a good few years, if you buy for a younger child.

It’s pretty sturdy once set up and would be fine in and outdoors.

I found it very easy to set up apart from attaching the base to the bassinet. I reckon someone less impractical than me however, won’t be battling with it on Christmas morning. Five or ten minutes and the pram will be ready to go.

We are saving it for my youngest, as a Christmas present, so she will be able to grow into playing with it. She loves her babies and is at that age, where she is starting to use her imagination. With baby number 3 on the way for me, it will be a perfect way for her to copy me too and get involved.

Overall, we love the Baby Annabell Carriage pram. I soon as I spied it, I fell in love with it’s style and old fashioned look. Price-wise it is reasonable and competitive with other brands and I think would make a stunning gift.

Disclosure – we received this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.