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10 Things I’m Doing on Maternity Leave

10 Things I’m Doing on Maternity Leave

I’m on my third maternity leave and and predicted, it is flying by. I finished on 1st February and we are now into April! Often hard to believe but time passes.

My little man is over 9 weeks old and we are in the swing of things now. Life is easier during the week, simply due to having a routine. The girls are either at school or nursery (apart from during the holidays!) and there are after school activities on some days. Life is busy and I guess that is why time is speeding along!

Weekends on the other hand can be harder work, especially if we are in the house. The girls do play together but this usually involves all the cushions off my sofa and a tonne of screaming!! That or the little guy gets attacked! Poor lad.

The little dude has been harder work than his sisters too. He loves his sleep and if is interrupted is very grumpy. He is also a lot more windy, so this can bother him. However, as this goes live he has got a little better!

looking after a baby on maternity leave

My Maternity Leave Plans

Despite all this, I am trying to keep busy during my maternity leave when I can and this is what I am getting up to:

– Taking little Piglet to a weekly playgroup. We get two days a week together with the little guy and if he is playing up, they can be tricky. However, I was determined to take her out for something for her. She loves it. The little guy can sleep sometimes so we get some playtime and I have chatted to a few of the Mums there.

– Blog work. I am trying to get more of this done when the little guy sleeps on my days just with him, as having much less time in the evenings now or having to do a lot of it one handed, which can suck!! Work has been quieter since March, so keeping up but hoping for a bit more to do!

– Get back to the gym. I will blog about this a bit more next week but I have managed to get back in the mornings and at the weekend. I didn’t think I’d ever get there in the week but it has worked out. I also manage YouTube work outs in the morning on the days I cannot make the gym.

– Start a baby yoga class. I have signed up to one which was lovely. I felt I needed to socialise a little and do some stretching. This will kill two birds with one stone.

– Go to another baby group. I didn’t really have a clue which one to join but I started one every Friday from this week with another Mum I know. I’m hoping it will be good for him and gets us out.

– De-clutter – we have started this, as will be having a garage conversion; this is happening now. The garage has been cleared out and I have also done clothes sorts and the next big thing will be the girl’s toys when sorting out where everyone will be sleeping, after the conversion.

– Chill! The little guy will get bigger faster. He will start to need more attention and it is harder to sit and veg out in front of Netflix. I know I won’t get this time again, so will make the most of it.

– See my Mum. I usually try and spend Mondays with her but she tends to get monopolised by little Piglet. I am invisible!!

– Pick up my gremlin from school. This is one of the things I love the most about being off. I love getting her from school and seeing her little face when she sees me. Doing this 5 days a week instead of 2 is amazing.

– Try to avoid buying clothes at every instant! Yes I’m being serious. On my other mat leaves I went into town a lot and it is so tempting to buy something now I can wear it! I have to watch the purse strings a lot.

I know this will be my last maternity leave, so I do want to enjoy it and make the most of it. It’s hard work but I do love being at home with my family and working as a team with my hubby.

Happy days!

10 things I'm doing on maternity leave