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5 Top Tips to Hire a Venue for an Event | AD

tips to hire a venue

I can’t even remember when I last went to an event; a party, a wedding, a get together. Anything! 2020 has been a strange and crazy year for us all. Covid-19 has meant so many things have had to be postponed or even cancelled. Birthdays have been celebrated at home; no parties or drinks on the town. Weddings and Christenings have ground to a halt and even Christmas was nothing like previous years. I’ve missed conferences at work both in the UK and abroad; virtual events somehow

It’s been tough but we have all got through it. We have adapted and made those special occasions, special in other ways. Lockdown birthdays have meant ordering food in, zoom drinks and sleepovers for kids in the lounge. It’s not the same but has still been memorable.

However, things seem to be changing. There are hints of normality on the horizon and that means everyone will be hopefully getting back to meeting up and attending and planning events.

Event planning can be fun but it can also be a little stressful and the biggest worry can be hiring a venue.

Hire a Venue for an Event

– Have a list of exactly what you want in a venue. Location, size, facilities, decor and price options. This makes it a lot easier when choosing and shopping around. You want to immediately be able to rule places out and have the option to compromise on some of your choices too.

– Shop around and go and visit the venue you are hoping to use. It is so important to see where you will be holding your event to get a feel for it. I remember when planning my wedding, you tend to know instantly if somewhere is the place for you. It is easy to ask questions when you think on the spot too.

– Use a reputable website to search for your perfect party venues like Squaremeal who have a vast array of venues listed for all sorts of events, across the country. You can search by event type and location and Squaremeal will summarise the number of people the venue will hold, as well as some of the facilities. It also now has hygiene ratings on all listings, as of course this can make a huge difference to your choice.

– Consider parking or transport links! This is so important as can really make a difference to if people will be able to attend. Travel and parking can be quite stressful for some and you want to make it as easy as possible or allow people to plan early on.

– Wifi access! It sounds like a bit of a small thing but can be a huge thing to your attendees. This is so important if a conference or for some, evening a wedding! We are all so connected online right now.

Personally, I am very excited to get back to attending events. Socialising. Chatting. Being with people. I’ve missed it a lot! I think it will be strange donning the heels and a dress and getting back out there but at the same time, that first time will be an incredible experience!

I can’t wait.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.