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Micro Toy Box Collectables – REVIEW | AD

Micro toy fisher price phone miniature on top of a large one

I love things that are in miniature! It is pretty cute to see something you like, made so teeny! I was always a sucker for a dolls house as a child and making my own is something I would like to do one day. I used to love model villages and anything similar. I knew my girls would be the same, especially when it was toys made miniature! This is where Micro Toy Box Collectables would make a great addition to their toy collection, Perfect for them to play with their dolls and teddies, shop set ups and loads of other imaginary games.

What are Micro Toy Box Collectables?

These are mini toys of so many of your favourites! They are highly detailed miniatures of old classics and more contemporary toys and games. Kids love surprising, unboxing and collecting and Micro Toy Box Collectables allow all three things! You may find a Rubik’s cube, Transformers or even Uno.

They are recommended for children aged 8 years and over. My younger two were fully supervised during this review.

You can get 5 (RRP £6.99), 10 RRP £9.99), 15 (RRP £14.99) or 20 (RRP £19.99) miniature toys per pack and they come with stickers too. Series 1 has 50 to collect and some are rare, which all kids love to get their hands on. There is a checklist for helping with collecting and to see if a rare one has been found!

These are available now from Smyths Toys Superstores.

Micro Toy Box 20 pack

Micro Toy Box 15 and 5 packs micro toy box 5 pack

Unboxing Micro Toy Box Collectables

There is an easy peel and reveal for the mystery toys found in all packs. You then reveal blind bags, ready to open!

Micro toy box blind bags

You can see some of the amazing miniatures you may find.

Micro toy box 15 pack back

You also get stickers and in each overall pack is a collectors sheet, which tells you about the Micro Toys you have found and which ones are rare!

uno sticker card

What Micro Toy Box Miniature Toys Will You Find?

As you can see some of the Micro Toy Box Miniature toys include My Little Pony, Nerf Guns, The Fisher Price Phone, Hot Wheels and Barbie to name a few!

Micro toy box toys

Overall Thoughts

These Micro Toy Box Miniature Toys are very cute and if your kids love imaginary games with their teddies and dolls, they make perfect additions to their games. They are also great for playing shops or using in dolls houses.

Also most children love to collect something and it is great fun matching what they have found and seeing if they have managed to get their hands on a rare one. We did manage to as well.

They really are perfect little replicas of so many retro and new toys. I found it fun examining all the Micro Toys and looking at the details. We did have a couple of the bigger versions as you can see above!

I would find somewhere safe to store and keep them safe however, as I found a few dotted around the house after playing! I think a lunchbox with a lid would be a good idea. Also I’d try and keep the Micro Toys in the small boxes and not let the little ones open them, as they are not the same after! I had to tell my eldest off a few times for this.

Price wise they are not the cheapest; each toy works out around £1 and I definitely think they are set for the right age. My eldest was right but my younger two are a little heavier handed, lost them and tried to open them. They are better for older children who will look after them and store correctly. The boxes the Mini Toys are stored in are quite fragile.

Overall for the older child, who enjoys collecting things they are a lovely thing to collect and look after. Perfect for imaginary games and display. They would make a lovely gift too.

My overall message however, is take care of them and store safely!

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Disclosure – we received this product and were compensated for our time. All thoughts and opinions are our own.



  1. August 27, 2021 / 3:14 pm

    These are super cute. I used to have that telephone when I was a toddler. You are right, kids do enjoy collecting sets so I can see these my get very popular.

  2. August 31, 2021 / 8:43 pm

    Oh wow ! These look so cute , Nila would go absolutely mad for these !

  3. September 12, 2021 / 11:47 pm

    I love that they have taken classic toys and made them miniature – super cute

    Laura x