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Christmas Activity Treasure Hunts – REVIEW | AD

Christmas Eve Activity Treasure Hunt

Times have taken a little turn for the worse this festive period. We are all feeling a little uncertain again. Some plans have been cancelled and if you are currently like me, at home with three crazy kids, you may be wondering what are you going to do to entertain them? This is where a Christmas Activity Treasure Hunts may keep you and your little monsters sane for a little while!

Christmas Activity Treasure Hunts

You can purchase a variety of Activity Treasure hunts here on Etsy. There are a variety of designs, not just for Christmas. There is one for Dinosaur lovers, Pirate fans, Halloween and for Thanksgiving.

They are mainly aimed at children aged 8-12, so perfect for my eldest daughter and perhaps a little bit of help from her younger sister.

All retail at £6.98.

Activity Treasure Hunts on Etsy

We were kindly gifted the options to try out the Christmas themed-Activity Treasure Hunts. I chose two of the treasure hunts – The Christmas Treasure Hunt and the Christmas Eve Treasure Hunt. We tested out the Christmas Eve one for the purpose of this review.

The Christmas Eve Activity Treasure Hunt

The Christmas Eve-themed treasure hunt that can be played in the comfort of your own home and for us at home right now was perfect for keeping the kids busy! You could also use for a Christmas Eve Party in the future.

This printable game gets your kids off screens, moving around, solving maths and English puzzles, and working together.

Here is a bit more from online:

Ages: Kids 8-12
Game Length: 30-60 Minutes
Set-Up Time: 10-15 Minutes
PDF Printable Game (Download instantly after purchase)
Print as many times as you like, with only one purchase

Christmas Eve Activity Treasure Hunt

Completing The Treasure Hunt

We decided to complete the treasure hunt before Christmas Eve to keep us busy and the girls had some Candy Canes are their prize. In the instructions it suggests using a Christmas Eve box and hiding it in the wardrobe as the treasure at the end!

My eldest daughter is 8 and her younger sister is 5 and although the hunt is aimed at kids between the ages of 8-12, my 5 year old is quite bright and could have a go too!

It does challenge Maths and English and problem solving. My 5 year old is just starting to read and do basic maths, so she could have a go and think.

I had to set the hunt up and hide the clues. This didn’t take too long.

I started by giving my eldest some jumbled up letters and off the hunt started!

girl with clue 1 Christmas Eve Treasure Hunt

The girls loved it! My eldest did lead most of the time but we could let my middle daughter practice her reading, writing and counting. She loved it probably more to be honest!!

girls doing Christmas Eve Treasure hunt

The clues are problem based and all end with your children finding out a word which will be where the next clue is hiding. You had to find letters in a grid, unscramble words and do maths problems to find letters. All good fun and a challenge for my girls.

I expected my eldest in particular to get bored and restless but she didn’t! She really enjoyed it and loved running around finding the clues.

clue 4 - Christmas Eve treasure hunt

It really kept them entertained for a good 30 mins and I like how once you have downloaded the hunt, you can use it again. It would be great to give to friends too.

My girls were thrilled with their prize!

Overall Thoughts

We all really enjoyed completing the Christmas Eve Activity Treasure hunt. It was good value, especially if can be printed and used many times.

It challenged my girls and although aimed at older children (8-12), my younger daughter could get involved too and really had fun. She asked to do a treasure hunt every Christmas.

I did need to help my girls out a couple of times. The answers are all included of course and you get a tips sheet for ideas to help out. Most clues were very straight forward though and my eldest could figure them out herself.

Overall great fun and something to keep the kids occupied and their brains going over Christmas!

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Disclosure – we were provided with this product and compensated for our time. All thoughts and opinions are our own.