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Hive View Indoor – SMART Home Security for a Worry-Free Christmas | AD

girl holding phone and hive indoor camera in the background

Looking after your home and being secure can be a worry all year around but during the festive period, this worry can grow that little more. You may be looking after a number of gifts for friends and family, that will quickly add up in cost. Your house maybe beautifully decorated and probably most importantly, so many of us go away. This maybe just nipping out to visit friends and family for a Christmas Drink, spending a few nights away or even going abroad for the whole festive period.

We sometimes spend time away over Christmas and although I have some neighbours who stay local and can check in, I like to know the house is safe and secure whilst being away.

With the help of the Hive View Indoor Security Smart Camera, your mind can be put a lot more at ease.

the Hive view indoor in the box

Hive SMART Products

Hive help 1.9 million homes across the country and produce a variety of smart products include the award-winning Hive Active Heating and a range of plugs, sensors, light bulbs, indoor and outdoor cameras and thermostatic radiator valves. Their Hive HomeShield range is perfect for making your home feel secure and safe.

Hive want people to have control of their homes, save money and reduce their carbon footprint by using their range of products. 

The Hive View Indoor – SMART Indoor Security

We were kindly provided with a Hive View Indoor Security Smart Camera.

This is designed to protect the home. The moment it detects people, motion or sound, it starts recording and sends a notification to your smartphone, tablet and Apple Watch.

You can livestream and record day or night in full 1080p HD. You can even talk to people and pets with two-way audio. This is quite amusing when you are away and someone else is looking after your children! Always a surprise to hear the camera say hello!

You can also pay a fee of £39 per year for video storage and playback for that extra security.

the Hive View Indoor in black and brushed copper

Setting Up and Using the Hive View Indoor

Receiving this product comes at perfect timing for us, as the festive period approaches. You want everything to be perfect and to make some amazing memories. Home security really does want to be at the bottom of the pile when it comes to worries.

Setting up the Hive View Indoor was quite straight forward. My husband is very familiar with Hive products and we have used them as a family before.

My husband first downloaded the Hive App which can be found on both the Apple and Google Play Store.

You then plug in your Hive View, switch on and pair your phone/tablet to the camera using Bluetooth. The next step is to connect to your home Wifi. This is very self-explanatory as you use the app. You are pretty much ready to go and can start setting up the Hive View Indoor to suit you, your house and your Christmas schedule.

Protect Your Home This Christmas

Here are a few things we have already considered when setting up the Hive View Indoor for protecting our home over the festive holidays:

– Consider where you want to put your Hive View Indoor. For us we have an entrance area, directly by the front door. This will detect any motion immediately and moving to other rooms.

Hive app

– Set up a monitoring schedule for when you want your Hive View Indoor to be active – for example generally when you go to bed or times you are regularly out of the house. This will help you get used to checking footage and seeing if the alert system works for you.

– You can then manually arm it for unexpected times you may be out over Christmas when you are on holiday. Noise or movement will trigger an alert which you can push from the Hive and/or you can be emailed.

– You can also tailor the motion sensor to general movement or people. Also you can set it to avoid triggering certain areas of its view. For example we have a hamster and if it was in the view of the Hive View Indoor we could stop the hamster triggering the motion sensor, to avoid unnecessary alerts.

the Hive View Indoor in black and brushed copper with Christmas decorations

There really is a lot you can do to personalise your monitoring schedule and make it work for your Christmas.

I’m hoping for a stress-free Christmas this year and with Hive I know I know home security will not be one of my worries!

Check out Hive for their range of Smart security products to put your mind at ease too.

Disclosure – This post is in conjunction with Hive but all thoughts are my own.