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5 Fun Outdoor Activity Ideas for Mother’s Day | AD

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching again. I’m not one to moan. It is one of my favourite days of the year. I usually get a nice little gift, get to lie around in bed all morning and if I’m very lucky, I may get breakfast in bed. I do milk it for a little bit (I think we should!) Us Mums need that relaxing day and to be appreciated for a little while – one day a year isn’t enough!

It is often hard however, to think of fun things to do. I do like getting outdoors if I can and. March can be sometimes a tad warmer.

Outdoor Activity Ideas for Mother’s Day

Here are 5 of my favourite outdoors activities for Mother’s Day as a family:

Visit a National Trust – this of course has to be my top one. We love a National Trust visit and often even nicer if can meet up with friends too. As it is getting a little warmer and dryer, I know we will go more. Either have a delicious jacket potato and a cuppa or start to take a picnic. You can have some lovely walks or simply take a ball and hang out.

Play out with the kids – if you have space and again the weather is good, this is one of my favourite things to do. We luckily can get out on the road at the front of our house, as it tends to be quiet. I love getting the scooters and bikes out with the kids, bombing around and playing some games too. Plenty of fresh air, exercise and fun.

Do a small hike or walk – I am waiting for the days when my little man is a little older and we can hopefully start taking them all on some longer walks. I was brought up hiking. My Dad was a keen walker and a of Sundays as kids, we were taken to the Peak District for walks. I appreciate this a little more now I’m older. The views were stunning, the time together and chats were lovely. It was tiring and hard work for little legs but I hope in time this will be a lovely family Mother’s Day activity. Also gives my hubby a great idea for my present – some ladies walking socks!

Visit a local park – this can be a cheaper activity too. We have a few local to us we love. Sandwell Country Park and Coombe Abbey Park. They are great for walks, lunch out and a play area. It is all kids want when going out and if warm enough, you may be able to fit in an ice-cream! Coombe can get pretty busy later on but is fun for exploring.

Visit a different town – we have some lovely places not too far away from us for a day trip out. Stratford-Upon-Avon, Henley-In-Arden are a couple of lovely ones. Lots of explore, walk around and see. It’s another excuse for lunch out or a sneaky cafe trip out and just some quality time as a family.

I love getting out for the day with the family, coming in and getting into my PJs with a cuppa and chilling with the kids. You feel like you have really earnt that rest!

I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day and if you can get outdoors for an activity, even better!

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.