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Splash Out! Active Water Fun Outdoors! | AD

Mum and daughter playing with splash it

We are very proud to be involved in Character Options Stay Active campaign, alongside Olympic champion Greg Rutherford. We have previously reviewed some pretty fun Character products, including Jump It and Moon Shoes! Both products are perfect for encouraging your kids to get active, whilst also being so much fun! The month we are reviewing the innovative product Splash Out!

Splash Out label

Sta Active Range

Character Options want to help with childhood obesity and mental health issues. They want to help parents get their children active, reduce screen time and allow families to have fun together being active. The Stay Active Range is perfect for this, as allows both indoor and outdoor fun!

Benefits of the Stay Active range include:

• Increased mental wellbeing
• Improved movement, balance, coordination, and reaction time
• Improved social skills, self-esteem, and confidence

The weather as I am writing this is gorgeous and sunny. I have loved hanging out with my kids outdoors and we always love biking, scooting and trampolining. It’s a great way to spend time with my kids but also ensure they get some fresh air and activity.

Splash Out in the box

More About Splash Out

Available from Smyths Toys and from Character, Splash Out retails at £10.99. It requires some skill and con-ordination and is quite exciting! Fill your balloon with water (or air if you are playing indoors), place it inside and wind up the timer. Then start your game of catch.

But hurry up, as time will run out and you are at risk of getting soaked when the balloon pops! You can play indoors or out! Splash Out comes with 12 refillable balloons, which you can easily replace!

It is suitable for kids aged 3 years and over.

Testing Out Splash Out

The kids were pretty excited to test out Splash Out but we wanted to wait for some warm weather and finally we did get a hot day in May!

The instructions were quite self-explanatory.

blonde girl holding splash out

You need to take a water balloon and fill with water. The balloon needs to be about 9cm in diameter and there is a guide in the instructions. You are advised not to use a wide tap, as the balloon can break. We did accidentally do this with our kitchen taps

We used our garden tap. This picture makes me smile a little!

water balloon being filled

When fully inflated and filled you place in the Splash It with the balloon tie to the side. Again this is shown in the instructions.

water balloon in splash it

You are then ready to play!

Things to Bear In Mind

– You do run out of balloons quite quickly and it maybe worth buying a pack more, so you are ready for this.

– We found if we dropped the Splash It, the balloon popped and this was before the end of the timer.

– You do need to make sure the balloon is the right size, as advised in the instructions or it won’t fit or it will be too small.

Otherwise you are raring to go!

Playing with Splash It!

I played more with my husband and my eldest daughter, who is 8. This was simply to avoid someone dropping it and the balloon popping.

It is easy to set the timer get going. You do feel a little edgy as you play, as you know when that timer ends you are going to get wet and you do! When the balloon popped for the first time, I was holding it and I got pretty wet, which the kids found hilarious!

You can then simply re-fill another balloon and play again!

mum and daughter playing with splash it

Overall Thoughts

Apart from a couple of niggles we had getting the balloon the correct size we had great fun with Splash It. It was great to encourage getting outdoors and practicing some catching. This of course being brilliant for co-ordination. My middley is getting much better at this.

We loved the time ticking down and waiting to get splashed! It always made us jump and giggle. The kids didn’t get too bothered getting wet either, as we have had experiences with some toys, where it is a bit too much.

Price-wise, Spash It is very reasonably priced and would make a perfect gift for someone, or not to expensive just to purchase for a hot weekend or fun indoors.

Overall a thumbs up from us!

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own!