Loopster Pre-Loved Clothes – REVIEW

Loopster Pre-Loved Clothes – REVIEW

AD – Loopster is a fabulous way of donating your children’s pre-loved clothes for another child to wear, whilst also giving you the chance to buy second-hand clothes for them, at bargain price.

I am really good at donating my and my girl’s clothes to charity shops but don’t always tend to buy second hand items. I’ll be honest, I’ve never really known where to shop and don’t tend to go in charity shops that often.

This is where Loopster would be a perfect way of trialling this!

More About Loopster

Loopster’s tagline is “Where quality kids clothes live on” and this is exactly what is aims to do.

It also has three main aims:

– Radically extends garments’ lives.
– Allows parents to buy high quality, nearly new clothes cheap
– Gives parents cash for clothes they no longer need

Loopster makes sure all the clothes are checked for quality and you will always see a good, clear picture online so you can have a good look. The prices are just a fraction of what you will pay on the highstreet.

This is great for the environment too. Last year a quarter of all clothes went to landfill and quite often the working conditions for the people making the clothes is terrible. Loopster helps to extend the lives of clothes and makes a difference.

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Choosing Items from Loopster

I found browsing Loopster really easy and what I couldn’t get over was how cheap the garments were. There were not loads and loads of clothes on there but enough to to choose some lovely items.

For less than £40, this was what I managed to get for my girls.

I chose this fab pair of jeans from Marks and Spencer, a lovely quite summery top from Rachel Riley and a cardigan from C de C (both brands I have never heard of!)

Doesn’t my eldest look fab?

girl wearing pre-loved clothes from Loopster

girl wearing pre-loved clothes from Loopster

She also got this skirt, which is picked herself from Mini Boden.

Girls in pre-loved Loopster clothes

I didn’t get as much for my youngest as she has sooo much stuff but I picked her a pretty dress from the Boots Mini Club. I generally get a lot from Boots and love their stuff.

Look at her below and above with her sister.

My Thoughts!

I could not get over how cheap the clothes were on Loopster. I was offered £40 to spend and I managed to get so many items, which look amazing and I think, if I didn’t point it out, you would not know they are second hand.

In terms of the quality of the clothes, my eldest’s items were fabulous. The jeans, top and skirt were in great nick. You could tell the cardigan had been worn before but not excessively.

The only thing I noticed on my youngest’s dress was a slight couple of marks on the collar and I mean very slight (obviously food with an age 2-3 dress). You would have to really inspect this to see them however and the price of the garment certainly makes up for that. Not massively noticeable though. Also I fed this back to Loopster and they are going to do an even more thorough check to ensure all items are of top quality, which I found great.

I did not personally test out sending clothes to Loopster but I love the idea of it, as there is this option too. You either make a little money on your child’s clothes if the quality if good and if not, they go to charity!

Overall I was really impressed with the service at Loopster. There really are not any negative points. There was a selection and the prices were so cheap for what I picked up! It also gives you the opportunity to choose clothes you may not usually pick, especially new brands and designs.

If you like using pre-loved clothes and would like to benefit the environment and save some pennies, Loopster is one for you.

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Disclosure – we were provided with product and compensated for time. All thoughts and opinions are our own.