My Top 10 Gym Fails

Everyone who reads this blog knows I am a gym addict. I do a lot of classes to get a kick up the bum but sometimes I spend time in the actual gym. I’m tolerant of most stuff that goes on but some days: wow there are things that drive me nuts!

There are always things that will bug you in life and here are my top 10 Gym fails:

  • Posing in front of the mirror between sets for 3 times as long as you do the actual exercise. It is going to time to build those muscles mate, not 10 reps.
  • Not putting the weights back. This drives me MAD! I want two 12kg dumbells, not one!
  • Hogging two machines at once; using one and leaving your towel on the other and rotating. No this is not cool. It’s called sharing and one at a time.
  • Sitting on a machine and chatting to another gym-goer for 10 minutes and hogging the machine. Everyone loves a chat but not in the middle of a work out please!
  • Girls who come to the gym caked in make-up and leave looking the same. Yes, you look hot but what was the point of the last hour if you are not going to even sweat out a drop?
  • The guys that treat you like a guy a bit too much. I love a good boxing session but you don’t have to show off and break my wrist.
  • Choosing the heaviest weight and not doing a full-rep or doing a set at 100mph. Just choose a lighter one and do it properly!!!
  • Wearing random clothes like jeans and brogues to go the gym. Yes, I have seen this happen.
  • Not wiping your sweat up. I am quite disgusting for a girl I know but I clean the equipment up. Can you do the same?
  • Coming to workout already stinking. Fair enough you are going to get stinky but coming already gross, in already worn gym clothes and sweating again all over them is just ming, Showering at least 48 hours before coming is a preference.
So a bit of a rant my fellow exercise and lovers but not too harsh I hope.
Have you got any gym pet hates?