Gym Fails – The top 10 Things That Drive Me Crazy in the Gym

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Dry January – Why Won’t I Be Doing It

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Get up and Workout – 5 Motivating Thoughts I Use!

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Exercising Outdoors – Motivation

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Quick Fixes are NOT Quick

What has happened to us as a human race? We want everything as a quick fix. We could blame technology. It is so easy to press a few buttons on your phone or tablet and… View Post

What Does a Dietitian Eat?

 As a Dietitian I am sure most people wonder what we really eat. Do we survive on salad? Do we ever eat cake? Do we actually practice what we preach? It is an interesting question,… View Post

Phenylketonuria Diet Challenge – How did it go low protein?

I have just come to end of my low protein diet for phenylketonuria diet challenge for International PKU Day on 28th June. If you want to see why I was doing this, have a read… View Post