Operation Six Pack – Update

Operation 6 pack is still in swing; my mission to get myself fitter and my body back to where realistically it will sit at after 2 children.


I feel like Piglet has been with us forever and I keep forgetting where I was with the gremlin at similar times when it come to getting my body back to normal. I also have to stop myself from going too mad. After the gremlin I didn’t actually get back to the gym for 8 weeks. This was due to a late 6 week check and we switched gyms. I know I still had a bit of work to do then. After Piglet I went back after 4 weeks and I had a steady plan which I am loosely sticking too. Piglet is 10 weeks old almost now.

I can tell my body isn’t ready for full on craziness. I did a little running and my knee where I have had previously had surgery was twinging the next day. I can also feel my shoulders twinging if I do too much and I feel a little delicate sometimes. My joints probably still have some of the lovely hormone relaxin present and it is important not to go too crazy for a little while. I am trying hard!

Weight wise I am 4kg over my pre-Piglet weight of 59kg (which was too low) and I am aiming for a weight of 62kg when I stop breastfeeding, which is where I was before the gremlin. The gremlin literally ate me up with all the feeding. That, the gym and long walks meant I got way too skinny and am hoping to not repeat this. I’m not walking as much due to having the gremlin with me for 3 days of the week so this should help. I’m also eating a good three meals and day and having plenty of snacks. My current faves are fruit, nuts and bread sticks and peanut butter. I don’t do fad diets and love full fat Green yoghurt and a few squares of chocolate most days. All about moderation.

Exercise wise I am hitting the gym around 3 times a week and sometimes doing work outs at home (when I don’t have a cold from one of my girlies). I am not doing any high impact really and sticking to either a 45 minute cardio session of the cross trainer, stair master, rower and bike or a weight session. I am still very nervy about my abs as have a finger width gap between the muscles. Saying that I have done some planks which work everything really but avoided sit ups. I remember it took a while for the ab gap to close with the gremlin. I am definitely toning up; the stair master does wonders for your bum!

Stupidly I haven’t got that many pictures for this post and as I have had a cold and mastitis this week, there has only been walking for exercise.


Future plans?

I really want to get back to my high intensity gym classes, spinning and Body Pump soon. It’s harder to make classes as fitting in breast feeds and hubby being around so will see how it goes. I’m planning to wait until after Christmas as I will have given my body a good 3 months since Piglet was born.

It takes 9 months to make our beautiful little ones, so I need to think 9 months at least for my body to recover and my “business as usual” exercise regime to be back.

Will keep you posted!