Embracing Your Body on Holidays

Embracing Your Body on Holidays

I’ve got back from 11 nights in sunny Crete a few weeks ago now. It was boiling, pushing 30 degrees some days and definitely not the weather to cover up. Quite like the weather we have been having in the UK recently!

To be honest nobody did cover up whilst I was away, which was such a positive thing.

There was no sign of being body conscious, even though I felt it a little.

I know what some of you may be thinking; you’re slim and tall. Why should you be worried above shoving a bikini on for the poolside to people to see? To be fair I’d probably think it too, especially when I look at people moaning on social media about their ‘imperfections’ when I can barely see anything.

Of course I have my hang ups. I see ladies with fuller chests and look down at my boobs, barely fitting into the smallest size bikinis. Oh the joys of breastfeeding. I look at beautiful tanned bodies whilst I stay pasty white, covered in an almost wet suit and hat when I hit the pool. We all wish we could change some things about ourselves and I know what I would like to amend with my body.

The thing I found really positive on this holiday was no one seemed to care! Or if they did, they did not show it. I saw women and men of all shapes and sizes in bikinis and shorts, even better of all ages! The largest sized lady I saw was in the pool with her children in a bikini. Mothers with small babies, with rounded tummies and women happily breastfeeding at the side of the pool.

I saw ladies my Nan’s age wandering around in bikinis. I saw ladies with slim, athletic bodies and less cleavage that me and other with bosoms so big, I was jealous. There was so much variation. Tanned, pale, the not so good sunburnt and those covered in tattoos and others, like me, with none.

I was surprised by it really but it was such a good sight. Well all go on holiday to be in that lovely bubble, to relax and not have to worry about anything for a few days. If you have children, you can focus some of your energy on watching them have the time of their lives in the pool and scoffing ice-cream. You may even get to read a few pages of a book, swim or even sleep. There isn’t really any time for worrying about what people think about you and from what I saw abroad, nobody cared anyway!

Everyone was in their little family, holiday cocoon and, as a people watcher, I really enjoyed watching their moments, as well as having my own.

I didn’t write this post to make people who may have confidence issues feel they are being ridiculous having these issues. If course not. You cannot help how you feel BUT I did write this post to push you to try not to worry. If you are debating a tankini vs. a bikini, go for that bikini if you will feel cooler. Don’t worry about being a milk bottle like me, if you don’t tan. People seem genuinely in their own little happy worlds and not interested in what other people look like.

So embrace your holiday body. Wear what you feel good in or like the best and enjoy that break!