36 Week Bump Update!

36 Week Bump Update!

This could be my last update; I was early with the gremlin going into labour at 39 weeks and 3 days. I do have a sneaky feeling this one may also be early but I’m not sure how much by!

I had a little scare a couple of weeks ago as the midwife thought Piglet was breech! I wasn’t sure. She is coming back to see me on Monday for a home visit and to plan the birth. However, at the gremlin’s birthday party my oldest school friend who happens to be an obstetrician, had a feel. She assured me Piglet was head down, as I had suspected. In fact she could only feel her neck and shoulders, as the head was so low! My Mum got a good feel of the hip bones and her bum and we saw some really big kicking. Incredible really! Fingers crossed she doesn’t move and is ready to be born.

So how am I?


Basically, when I overdo it (which I do a lot) or get a bad night’s sleep, I’m knackered. Kind of obvious really! The gremlin’s birthday (which was AMAZING and I will write about soon) wiped me out and we have had some early rises and night wakes. This has been hard. I am getting lots of Braxton Hicks and generally getting up and down to play with the gremlin is getting harder. I did have a bit of nausea a couple of weeks ago but that seemed to go; midwife thought a possible growth spurt when I saw her. I’m still getting some colostrum leakage. That’s about it really!

Food and Cravings

I don’t really think I have any. My appetite has cranked up again, especially in the mornings when at work but I reckon that’s the little chunk just getting fat now inside me. I’m still enjoying all foods but am fuller quicker. I just thank my lucky stars I don’t get heartburn or indigestion.

IMG_7592 IMG_7512


Still going! I have slowed down with the frequency and as soon as I go on maternity leave I want to go swimming a few times. Piglet is really active during my sessions and wiggles all over. I do get some Braxton Hicks but nothing too bad. I must admit I am BORED. Exercising alone, the bike and cross trainer and sit down weights are starting to do my nut in. I’m looking forward to easing myself into it again slowly after Piglet comes and finally getting back to my usual High Intensity classes, spinning and Pump.


My Body

It’s not really changed much apart from the obvious increasing bump. I weighed myself again recently and had not gained much since my check a good while ago. Everything still fits around bum and legs; just not always the bump. Still don’t have any stretch marks and after reading some posts on some of the Facebook groups I follow, I am soooo grateful to have not suffered SPD or hip pain. I really feel for some of the girls, especially the ones with little ones already.


My Feelings

Excited!! I really can’t wait for Piglet to come now. I want to meet her, see what she is like and looks like. I’m going to write a post on my thoughts on my second labour but at the moment it’s not really in my head. I have half packed my bags and I finish work on Friday. This is a really strange feeling. Another year out feels insane. I’m still pretty happy in my skin and feeling confident. Just a bit of a waiting game now.

The Gremlin

She has started to show a bit more interest in my bump now and is willing to feel her sister’s feet and big movements. She talks a lot about her baby sister coming and what she wants to do and her little future plans (very cute). There is a lot of cuddling and kissing the bump as well. We have involved her as much as we can and still think it could go either way when her sister is born! I’m going to write a bit on what we have tried to do to prepare her (not lots really)!! I think the main thing is I have been spending time playing with her; she had a fab birthday and we have been giving her lots of love.


So there you have it.

Will I be back at 40 weeks??