32 Week Bump Update!

OMG 8 weeks to go. Technically I have to push a melon out of my twinkle (I hope) next month. Crazy times. It has been a mad 4 weeks with lots generally on. I feel big. Baby never stops wiggling and time is flying by.


I had a midwife appointment at 31 weeks and expressed my desire to have another birth at the local midwife-led unit. This is where the gremlin was born and there are pools and lovely big rooms. I have to have some more bloods done and the midwife will come and have a chat at home at 36 weeks to discuss it further.

My ferritin (stored iron) was low on my last lot of bloods. I am not anaemic yet but there is still time. I started taking ferrous sulphate tablets and lets say almost didn’t make it to the loo a few day later (TMI?). Nasty tablets! These have been knocked on the head and I have started taking Spatone (a liquid iron supplement) which is meant to be gentler on the tummy. Let’s see eh?


Everything else was ok with the baby. She is still head down, which I knew due to her hiccups. Bloods pressure and urine was fine this time. So I’m back at 34 weeks for another check.


Well, as above tummy was NOT happy after taking the ferrous sulphate. I have had a bit of a snuffle but hubby and the gremlin seem to have been wiped out by the same cold. I guess after my snot-filled first trimester it is hubby’s turn now. I am getting wind pains now and then and general twinges but nothing much. Tiredness is setting in more but this has been exacerbated by the gremlin’s cough, night wakes and early rises. I have been nagged a LOT by my Mum and my lovely blogging bud to slow down. It is very hard but I am trying to listen…a bit. Love you guys! It is much harder second time around as you don’t have a crazy toddler wanting you and to play ALL day first time. She is totally crap at playing alone and if I sit in bed for a chill, she is at my side snuggling in 30 seconds flat. Good job I love her and realise this time is so precious.


I have also leaked colostrum a bit which I find amazing. This is often in the bath and the gremlin gets what it is but is slightly freaked by my “yellow milk”.

Food and Cravings

I feel I am eating normally now really. I perhaps have slightly more in the morning as feel hungry by 9.30am but usually have fruit, nuts and breadsticks at work. I was sent some pregnancy cookies to try and these were yummy.



Ahhh times like this I do miss my old gym where we had a swimming pool as well! My current gym is fabulous and the classes are so good but no pool. I was swimming 1-2 a week with the gremlin so exercise is becoming a little harder. I am managing cross training, the stepper and some sitting weights but it doesn’t half get dull. I went to a group class on Saturday and just adapted bits and took it very steady but the atmosphere, banter and music made it much more fun! I have also been having a few walks when I can.


My Body

So I got on the blasted scales at my mate’s last Monday. I am currently 70kg so reckon have put on around 11kg. With the gremlin I stopped weighing myself so probably will do the same now. I am all baby bump which is lovely and still loving the cleavage! No stretch marks yet so hoping these will stay away too. I reckon when I finish work I will go and get my post natal bras sorted and get measured.

My Feelings

I’m really excited; more than with the gremlin as I think I know what to expect more. I can’t wait to meet this baby and see what she is like and if she is another little gremlin (which we are all expecting!). We have the room painted and I have sorted out all the clothes (thanks to Mum washing them). I just need to buy a few more bits and order some curtains. I also could do with thinking about packing a bag…not even started yet!!

The Gremlin

I’m nervous about how Grem number 1 will be when her sibling arrives but we have been playing a lot of role play games recently with her babies and she is very loving and keen to help. I’m not too worried about her being horrible to her sister, more she will play up to get our attention. All we can do is see!!


See you at 36 weeks!!!