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Motherlylove Massage Oils – REVIEW

Motherlylove Massage Oils – REVIEW

AD – I was definitely feeling the need to be pampered before I had Piglet. Huge bump and not the comfiest of girlies when I walked about. A massage was definitely a daydream of mine. When I was contacted to review some natural oils for Mum’s to Be by Motherlylove I definitely pleased!

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More About Motherlylove

Motherlylove was founded by Jan, who is both a midwife and aromatherapist. All products are 100% natural and can be used for women, not just in pregnancy but for the whole of their lives. All products are safety assessed and have not been tested on animals. All products are free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and oils, silicones, phthalates and EDTA.

There are oils available for pregnancy including tum and boobs, the perineum (try to avoid those tears during birth) and even due date massage oil for relaxation. The range also includes an oil for newborns, if you want to try some lovely baby massage.

I was sent 3 products to trial:

  1. Tums and Boobs stretch mark massage oil
  2. Due Date Pregnancy and Labour massage oil
  3. Due Date Pulse Point Grapefruit and Rose

I was also sent some guidance on massage which was really helpful.

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With having zero clue when my little Piglet was going to arrive, after 39 weeks, I decided to let hubby have a go with the products as a trial and see what we thought!

The Verdict?

So the NIGHT BEFORE I went into labour, hubby decided we would trial the oils. I tried the pulse point oils whilst sat in bed. The scent was mild yet lovely; grapefruit and rose and it was quite relaxing massaging them in.

Hubby then tried the due date pregnancy and labour massage oil on my bump. Little Piglet inside went nuts as was being given a massage but it was really relaxing and again the scent was mild; citrus and chamomile. I like the lovely soft effect the oils leave on your skin also.

I know that these oils themselves wouldn’t have caused my labour but I would like to think I was pretty relaxed before going to bed that night and therefore along came the baby.


I am lucky not to have had any stretchmarks but I am hoping to use the final tums and boobs stretch mark oil once my milk heavy boobs are less sore (oh the joys!).

It is well known being more relaxed helps to bring labour along and can lead to a more pleasant birth experience. If this is something you are after, definitely trial these oils and rope your partner into a bit of massage.

They really helped me!

Disclosure – we were provided with some Motherlylove massage oil for free. All thoughts and opinions are my own.