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Hatchimals HatchiBabies – **REVIEW**

Hatchimals HatchiBabies – **REVIEW**

AD – Hatchimals fans look out! The new HatchiBabies are here and they are just as bit as fun and innovative as the many products available in the Hatchimals range, including the Hatchimals Colleggtibles Series 3, we recently reviewed.

The Hatchimals family is growing and there are some even more awesome surprises with these Hatchimals HatchiBabies, including the egg rocking back and forth and Hatchifans won’t know if it is a boy or a girl! After doing a gender reveal for my most recent baby, this is so innovative and exciting!

We are complete Hatchimals newbies and have never hatched a full-size egg before so the gremlin and I were so excited to get started. She of course, knew what to do after watching lots of YouTube videos, so was armed to go!

More About Hatchimals HatchiBabies

HatchiBabies come in two new species, Ponette and Cheetree all from the Hatchery Nursery in Hatchtopia. There are also some exciting, exclusive character too. As mentioned you do not know whether or not it will be a girl or a boy until your little creature hatches.

They are aimed at children aged 5 years and up and available from all good toy retailers, Smyths Toys, The Entertainer and Argos as examples and RRP at around £59.99. They also come with 2 x AA batteries, so are raring to go.

Hatchimals HatchiBabies box

HatchiBabies have even more amazing features, in addition to mentioned above, including colour changing eyes, moving beaks and they have a rocking motion.

Hatchimals HatchiBabies box and egg on top

Hatching The Hatchimals HatchiBabies

The gremlin was beside herself ready to hatch her HatchiBabies and after school we sat down and started the process by pulling the two little plastic togs out of the bottom of the egg.

There were so many features to the hatching process that even made me jump and beam with excitement. Watching my gremlin’s face was priceless.

girl looking at Hatchimals HatchiBabies unhatched egg

She held the egg and got her bearings a little and then we started trying to help her HatchBabies. She held and rubbed the egg, along the bottom. She also gave it little pats.

Girl looking at Hatchimals HatchiBabies unhatched egg

You can also rock it like a baby, which is cute. All the time the HatchiBabies makes some sweet noises. As you rock it, it falls asleep.  You can tickle the egg on the bottom and it wiggles and giggles. Also if you hold the egg you can hear a heartbeat and snuggle with it.

If you want a bit of fun, you can play with egg by tilting it upside down and the right way away too.

Girl tipping Hatchimals HatchiBabies unhatched egg

But for us, BY FAR, the most exciting things were placing the egg down on a flat surface and watching it rock from side to side. This was so cool and made you think it was a real animal, dying to get out.

Also tapping the egg and the HatchiBabies tapped back when all was quiet! My gremlin’s face when she first heard it! It was as if she really believed there was something alive communicating back with her. Adorable.

Excited girl tapping Hatchimals HatchiBabies unhatched egg

You can see the HatchiBabies eyes through the egg throughout, lit up and when they turn a rainbow colour, you know it is about to hatch. Very exciting! You have to keep rubbing the bottom and keep tapping on the egg to encourage your little creature to come out!

It’s important to keep your little one’s face away from the top of the egg, as it hatches. I saw the first crack appear and was amazed, having to look twice to see if was a real crack.

Hatchimals HatchiBabies egg starting to crack

Hatching Hatchimals HatchiBabies egg

Girl peeling shell off Hatchimals HatchiBabies hatching egg

Girl helping to hatch  egg

As the cracks widen, you can start to help remove the extra eggshell pieces and find out if you have a girl or a boy!! Your HatchiBabies will sing Happy Birthday when they have finished hatching.

Girl pulling shell off Hatchimals HatchiBabies egg

After They hatch!

Once you have taken your HatchiBabies out you will know if it is a boy or a girl!!

gender reveal - it's a girl! Hatchimals HatchiBabies

The gremlin had a GIRL and she was thrilled with this! Her’s was also a Ponette species.

After you have taken your HatchiBabies out of the egg there is more to do! There is a secret message in the centre to pull out and reveal about your HatchiBabies.

There are also secret compartments to open and you will find accessories and the accessory holder becomes a high chair! You can still place your HatchiBabies in the egg shell too.

Blind bags


Girl Hatchimals HatchiBabies is sitting in the high chair

Playing With Your Hatchimals HatchiBabies

I was just astounded by all the features from this product and I will run through them all. You do get a crib sheet that gives you some handy hints of the features and what is means when your little creature’s eyes change colour, as they do a lot!! You can see some of this on the image below but this is pretty self explanatory. For example if the eyes turn red your HatchiBabies is having a tantrum and may need a time out or if blue, they are scared and need a hug and comfort.

Crib sheet

Bear in mind one your HatchiBabies has hatched you can switch it off an on, as there is a switch on the bottom to turn it off and on. There are also sensors on the front and back of its head, tummy and both feet. There is also a tilt sensor but all will be explained!

What Can Your Hatchimals Hatchibabies Do?

There are so many cool functions.

Each one has a special feature. You hold the back of it’s head and press the front sensor twice. I must admit we struggled a little to see what this was at first and had to try a few times.

When your Hatchimals HatchiBabies is hungry (purple eyes) you can feed it with the bottle pressing on the lower beak! My gremlin loved this but if you overfeed (orange eyes), your creature gets gassy and may need the back of their head patting!

There is a Cuddle Buddy you can bring to your Hatchimals HatchiBabies chest and they talk. If you keep holding it close it will fall asleep. White eyes is a sign it needs to fall asleep. It makes some sweet sleeping noises.

Using the cuddle buddy with Hatchimals HatchiBabies

The rattle can be held to your Hatchimals HatchiBabies chest too with the “H” facing you. it will dance and you can tap its toes to the beat.

All features can be exited by tapping the back of the head.

Using the rattle with the Hatchimals HatchiBabies

You can brush your Hatchimals HatchiBabies hair with the comb, sit her in her highchair and also put them in the egg base. If you give them their rattle they will sing a nursery rhyme and the egg base is a good place for a red eyes time out!

My gremlin loved the “learn to talk” function. You hold both feet for 2 seconds, the eyes flash teal and the Hatchimals HatchiBabies says “hello”in their language. You can then talk to for 4 seconds and it’s repeated! We of course had some giggles with the toilet humour!

pressing the Hatchimals HatchiBabies feet to encourage it to talk

There is a “peek a boo” function, if you cover your Hatchimals HatchiBabies eyes for 2 seconds, they will repeat it in their language.

There is also a “Bouncy Baby” game. If you hold the right foot for 2 seconds, the eyes flash blue and the creature says “yay”. Music plays and you can bounce it backwards and forwards until the music stops. This is a bit like musical statues and was pretty fun! It did take my eldest a bit of time to get this one, as I discovered it first when playing.

If you press the left foot for 2 seconds there is another games where the Hatchimals HatchiBabies makes animal sounds and you have to press the forehead when the eye colour matches the sound. Pink for pig and green for frog. This does take a bit of practice. My eldest did need a little bit of help.

sister looking at the Hatchimals HatchiBabies

Our Thoughts

I was pretty wowed by the Hatchimals HatchiBabies. I will be honest, I wasn’t expecting something that would make me beam and jump in surprise.

The hatching process if just fabulous and my gremlin’s face was priceless. She has loved exploring the features and has taken it everywhere. The creature itself is very sweet and easy to love.

Here are some pros and cons:


– The hatching process is just amazing. When that egg rocks and taps back, your kids are just blown away. It is so innovative and realistic. It means your kids are already bonding with this little animal and can’t wait for it to hatch. When the egg cracks as well, it is so brill! I was truly amazed and loved watching my eldest.

– The instructions are easy to follow and the hatching process was easy. We did everything we needed to to help the egg hatch.

– The gender reveal is fun! It makes the hatching process so much more exciting.

– I like how there are more surprises once you have hatched the Hatchimals HatchiBabies. You have the accessories, highchair and eggshell left.

– The features are fabulous. I feel like so much has been thought off with the eye colour changes and things you can do, plus games. It makes your Hatchimals HatchiBabies so interactive and realistic.

– Your kids do want to play with it afterwards! I expected the gremlin to be disinterested after the hatching process but there is so much she can do with it, she’s loved it, named and even gone to sleep with it!


– Has to be the price. They are expensive and you do run the risk of paying for the hatching process BUT my eldest loved the creature and has not put it down.

– It takes younger ones a little time to get their heads around all the functions. I really did have to sit with the gremlin and show her, as she just ran off and started her imaginary games. You want them to make the most if it so bear in mind with younger kids. My girl is five.

– The egg shell gets everywhere when it hatches! Minor but hang around when they do it or you will find it in your bed probably!!

Overall I would fully recommend this product if you have a child who loves realistic toys and loves caring and using their imagination.

We were so wowed by this Hatchimals HatchiBabies and I’ve loved watching my gremlin play with it and get to know it.

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Hatchimals HatchiBabies Review