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BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid Doll – **REVIEW**

BABY Born Little Sister Mermaid Doll – **REVIEW**

AD – I just knew the Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid Doll would be perfect for my gremlin. She is absolutely obsessed with mermaids. Last Christmas she was desperate for a mermaid tail and still now she loves to get in the bath in her tail and pretend. She asked for mermaid dolls for her birthday and even on her school labels.

I think most children just wish they could actually be a mermaid and that they were real! I know I did after watching the Little Mermaid as a child.

More About The Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid Doll

The Little Sister Mermaid Doll sounds so cool, as actually swims through the water. You can put her in the bath or a swimming pool. All you do is place her in water and her tail begins to move.

Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid in the box

She is recommended for children ages  3 years and over and does need 3 x AAA batteries which are not included.

More details include:

  • Featuring long blonde hair with purple streaks to style, brush and plait
  • Contents: 1 x BABY Born doll, 1 x tiara and 1 x comb

She is currently available in Smyths Toys and Argos.

The price does seem to be variable at present so do look around.

Our Thoughts

I tested the Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid Doll out before Christmas, as we were going to give to the eldest as a present.

Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid in the box

It was pretty straightforward to get out of the box. As you can see from the top picture the mermaid comes with a hair accessory and a little comb.

She was bigger than I expected her to be which was good and I loved her sparkly eyes. My eldest is a bit if a magpie so I knew she would love this too.

Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid Doll

As mentioned, the Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid Doll does not come with batteries, so bear in mind if you are thinking of giving as a gift. Luckily we had some in and also be aware that you have to unscrew her back. My husband has tonnes of screwdrivers, so I don’t worry too much about this!

back of Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid Doll

You can see she has a button on her back above her necklace and this turns on the fin motion to make her swim. At first we were a bit stumped as the fin did not move but hubby soon realised the mermaid had sensors on her front that sensed water when she was in it! You can see this below.

It was hard to get any pictures of the Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid Doll actually swimming but when in water, the tail moved and she really swam! I know my eldest is going to go bonkers over this. She doesn’t have a mermaid doll that actually swims and this will be brilliant!

Overall I thought this doll was a great concept. I like how she can be used in the bath but I’m sure not all kids with do this and just enjoy playing with her out of the water, as a doll and not particularly want her to get wet. She us strurdy and has lots of lovely hair to brush.

She has everything children who love mermaids: she actually swims, she is sparkly and the potential for make believe games is amazing.

The only negatives I would say is you have to buy batteries (which is always a bit of a bug bear of mine!) but that was about it.

As I mentioned shop around, as the price is variable at present. The RRP is £29.99, which is quite competitive for most dolls at present but at the same time is a lot. I have seen her for cheaper.

I’m sure this Christmas, the Baby Born Little Sister Mermaid Doll, will make many children’s day!

Disclosure – we were provided this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.