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Harry Potter Sorting Hat – REVIEW

Harry Potter Sorting Hat – REVIEW

AD – I still remember when I was 18 years old going to see the first Harry Potter film for my birthday and loving the scene when all the wizards and witches were sorted into their houses by the Sorting Hat. I used to imagine what it would feel like having a talking hat on my head, almost reading my mind and deciding my future! Must have been a little bizarre and a little scary. Those scenes are one of my favourites and I often thought, how long will it be until we can all buy a working sorting hat??? I only had to wait 15 years. The Harry Potter Sorting Hat is now on the market, perfect for Christmas and for any die hard Harry Potter fans.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

More About the Harry Potter Sorting Hat

The Harry Potter sorting hat currently retails at £39.99 and is aimed at children (and adults) aged 5 years and over. You can currently find it in Argos. Batteries are required: 3xAA Batteries and are included.

This hat will really make a Harry Potter fan’s Christmas! The hat has 5 phrases and once placed on your head will choose the most appropriate house at Hogwarts for you! Will you be Griffindor or Slytherin? Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?

The Sorting Hat uses its powers to choose a house for the young witch or wizard who wears it. Authentically styled to look just like the Sorting Hat in the movies, this clever hat moves its mouth and really talks! It is like being a real Hogwarts pupil.

Testing Out The Product

The whole family were keen to have a go with the Sorting Hat but I did find I struggled to get it firmly on my head. I could place it and it would balance but not securely fit.

My eldest had no issues and perfect for her. It is really easy to work as there is a button you or another can press, found on the rim of the hat. This then starts the decision process and the hat will choose which Hogwarts house you are in!

Harry Potter sorting hat

Thoughts on The Harry Potter Sorting Hat

As with most of my reviews I always think there are pros and cons.

girl wearing the sorting hat


– It is so realistic! The anamatronics are brilliant; it looks and sounds just like the real Sorting Hat from the films.

– The Sorting Hat is really easy to use and work and we had no issues.

– If you are a massive Harry Potter fan and like collecting the merchandise, it will be perfect for you.

– It looks pretty good as a display and people want to try it on and see what it is.

– My eldest has actually played with it quite a bit and hasn’t seen all the films. I expected her to be bored of it quickly but she often puts it on and loves to show other people.


– It is a bit gimmicky and for some you may find once you have had a few goes, the novelty wears off. It would be good for parties or themed events and as I said in the pros, you could display it, as a true Harry Potter fan.

– It’s £40, so make sure you feel it is really worth buying for yourself or a friend or family member.

– I couldn’t get the hat on my head firmly. You can secure it with the ties and balance it but I did have to sit still when the Sorting Hat was choosing my house. This was no issue for the kids though.

Overall we did have fun with the hat and my gremlin enjoyed it! I do think unless you are a die-hard Harry Potter fan and want to display the hat somewhere it may become redundant quite quickly. Once you have played a few times, that is all it does.

However, I know so many people will be thrilled with it and if you know a Harry Potter Fanatic – would make a very unique gift this Christmas.

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.