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How is my Third Baby Different to My First?

How is my Third Baby Different to My First?

When I was pregnant with my first baby I had all these ideals in my head. I would never co-sleep. I would never use a dummy. I wouldn’t let me kid walk all over me at all.

I was a muppet! Clueless!! Self righteous idiot!

I think by baby number 2 some of these had completely gone out of the window. But by baby number THREE? I may have well of given in and let the little dude raise himself.

my third baby

It’s amazing how things change when you actually have raised one child. Gone through that newborn stage and realised they do survive if you don’t sterilise that dummy every time. Sometimes you will actually do anything to get some sleep when you already have one or more kids to look after, as well as a baby. You just can’t be bothered sometimes either! That extra bit of iPad time to give yourself 10 minutes peace to have cuppa in peace or letting them play with your make-up so you can do your hair!!

I know things are a lot different with my third baby compared to my first and this is how:

– I co-sleep with the little man. I never did this with the gremlin but she went down with no fuss and was sleeping a good 6 hours early on. She never had the 4 month sleep regression and that was that. The little man still wakes up for short feed 2-3 times a night and there is no way I’m messing getting up and down. Hubby maybe in the spare room but we all sleep!

– Obviously then the little man is still in our room! The gremlin was in her cot and room by 8 weeks. She slept so well and so did we! We are going to work on the little guy when Piglet has moved rooms.

– We use a dummy now and then. Don’t get me wrong, I did try one with the grem but she wasn’t keen. The little man doesn’t always use it but now and then, it does help him sleep during the day.

– We baby wear a lot more; or should I say hubby does. It is just easier. When you have two other kids to look after and a screaming baby, it’s a no-brainer.

– I do let him cry a little more, now and then. Not for long but if I’m busy, he has a whine. I know I was straight to the gremlin when she was crying!!

– He has been so ill!!! This wasn’t a deliberate thing but with a middle child who we nickname the plague; he has had a permanent cold since he was born and mildly fought off a stomach bug. The gremlin didn’t get her first cold until she was over 8 weeks at least and not a lot more until nursery started. On the plus side I’ve not had them all off him, as my immune system is a lot better in comparison to when the gremlin was tiny.

– His nappy doesn’t get changed as quickly. Usually my Mum is on it like some loon if she smells a bit of wee but hubby and I are a bit more relaxed. If he poos then yes of course it’s changed but not every single wee.

– Same for clothes! With the gremlin, every little poo stain and she would be changed. The little man? Can we hide it away? Yes! Then no need to change anything.

– I didn’t want to have to soothe my gremlin to sleep for all her naps and I did try to get her in her cot quite early on during the day. This has not happened with the Little Man and he usually needs rocking in his bouncer or a cuddle from my Mum!

– Hubby lovingly created photo albums at each age bracket for the grem. The little man? None, unless I take them! Poor thing. Don’t even get me started with the lack of scrapbooking!

I think after one child you do just relax. You need to survive. You know they will sleep alone eventually. You know they won’t have that dummy forever but with your first you haven’t got a clue. If you are anything like me, you want a good routine and regime and this takes time and effort.

Now all I want is sleep and a happy baby and I think this should be the other way around!!

third baby