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The Health Professional Academy – Always Learning

The Health Professional Academy – Always Learning

AD – As a parent you are always learning. Always. I have come to this decision since having my third baby. He is completely different to my girls. He isn’t the best sleeper at night, has definitely had a sleep regression, uses a dummy now and then, had quite bad wind, has properly rolled…the list just goes on. I didn’t really have any experience of these things with my girls and have had to deal with them, as a first-time Mum would. I don’t think even as a Mum of three children, I will ever be an expert! Times change. Advice changes and of course, all children are different! My job as a dietitian follows a similar pattern, we are always learning and this is where the Health Professional Academy comes in so useful.

As a dietitian, I need to keep on top of my Clinical Professional Development and ensure I am always keeping up to date on what is new in my profession and what is the most evidence-based. This is the same for all health professionals, who have to give their patients advice based on what has been proven and not what is good for a sample size of one.

It can be hard to fit CPD in, when busy with work and as a busy Mum, who runs a blog in my case and I often feel I miss out. One brilliant way to keep up with my child health knowledge is by completing Child Health CPD Modules is via the Health Professional Academy. This is both useful to me as a medical professional and as a Mum.

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Child Health, part of the Health Professional Academy has some some interesting modules on both breastfeeding and weaning, as well as information on car safety and relieving colic, to give some examples.

More About The Health Professional Academy

The Health Professional Academy is for health professionals like myself and they offer certified CPD accreditation which counts towards your revalidation. There are lots of other resources and best of all, it is free! Funding can be very scarce now, especially if you work in the NHS, so free CPD is such a bonus. 

The Health Professional Academy has a learning community is made up of 11,000 registered users and supported by a social community of 20,000. The content and modules is written by experts who work with health care professionals and leading academics. As I mentioned, it needs to be evidence-based and current. 

The Academy understands the importance of the learning experiences and have developed an experience with our audience in mind. It’s learning that can be done on the-go, at a time that suits, in a variety of engaging formats. This is so important as we all learn in different ways. I always need to be shown something before I can do it!

The team at the Health Professional Academy have a team  that know women and their babies best – sister company to Emma’s Diary and Families Online.

All health information included in our learning modules and resources comply with UK government guidelines (e.g. NHS, BFI, NICE). This reassures me that it based on current evidence and advice.

As a health professional and Mum, I know I will be using the Health Professional Academy more. Though, I won’t need all aspects of what is on there, as a medical professional, I love to learn more and expand my knowledge.

We are always learning – whether it be in work or my job as a Mum.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.